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Mar 28, 2011 10:37 AM

Kiss of death: Closed for remodeling

It's a given right now that times are tough.

But I'm getting really tired of restaurants sticking a "Closed for remodeling" sign on their doors and there's no remodeling going on. If they are going or gone, let us know.

Some of these were good bargains and/or did several dishes really well or were good value for money.

So far this month, we've seen the dratted signs on three restaurants that we had liked.

Is there a part of the country where this sign isn't a euphemism for closed forever?

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  1. It's the universal signal for 6 ft under.

    I saw such place with the sign closed for five years, and re-open as a dentist office.

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    1. The owner is considerably more inconvenienced by this condition than you. Cut him a little slack while he mortgages the farm and pimps his wife in a last and desperate attempt to stay open.
      Sadly, the Alux restaurant in Quintana Roo is closed for remodeling. It's a cave. How does one remodel a cave? Yes, the bell tolls.

      1. Another side of the coin: places that keep their 'Grand Opening' sign/banner waving in the wind for months and years. A place that I pass by every day for the past seven years has an ugly plastic banner prounouncing the 'Grand Opening' that never ends. Seven years! They have been open all that time, doing just fine, but no one is running to grab a table to catch the wave of their zeitgiest. I want this madness to end! Your'e open; you've been open; Take.Down. That. Sign.

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          This is the restaurant equivalent of the rug sellers with the Going Out Of Business Sale going on since the first day they opened.

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            "Hiring' signs on restaurants that are not hiring. One owner told me he always kept one up at the door, made his restaurant sound as though they were always busy.

            1. re: smartie

              I might get the impression that there is high turnover due to bad management and stay away.

              1. re: HDinCentralME

                How could I forget the sign that really scares me:

                Cook wanted. Apply now.

          2. Yeah, I never understood why they put up that sign. Are they embarrassed? Are they engaging in self-deception?

            One place had a sign with moveable letters, and someone changed the "closed for renovation" that they put up when they closed to "closed forever". Lol.

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            1. re: menton1

              A long time grocery store that closed, Smittys, had a spray painted message
              Smitty has left the building.
              And the city decided it was grafitti and made someone remove it.