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Mar 28, 2011 10:10 AM

Has anyone tried canning Bacon Relish?

I am curious if anyone has "canned" Bacon Relish, I assume you can - can ... look foward to any responses with thanks!

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  1. If your bacon relish is similar to bacon jam (or even if it's not) the safe answer is "NO".

    There's a discussion here:

    1. I want to know what the Bacon Relish is. I read the Bacon Bourbon jam in the other thread,might make that for my husband some time, it has all that nasty stuff he likes in it( coffee, maple syrup and bourbon).
      But Bacon Relish sounds intriguing. I've never canned meat,former mil canned fish. It would definitely have to be pressure canned.

      1. Never head of bacon relish but assuming it is actually made of bacon, you'd be better off freezing it than trying to can it, by any method. Boiling water bath is definitely out. The only things that are safe to can in a boiling water bath are high-acid fruits and pickled fruits/vegs. You might be able to figure out how to safely can it with a pressure canner, but the thick texture of a relish would make even that a bit iffy without a tested recipe.

        1. You'd most likely have to use a pressure canner. I've never canned meats, not sure I'd risk it, personally. Check the USDA's canning guide, or maybe one of the canning specialists here will have some advice.

          1. YES, YOU CAN. AND SAFELY. You need a pressure cooker. Check out the USDA Canning Site for Canning Meats, Fish, Shellfish, including Combos, such as Chili Con Carne. They will tell you everything you need to know about canning anything.