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Mar 28, 2011 08:40 AM

Southern fried chicken in Ocean or Monmouth county

Yeah I'm looking for health food:).Anyplace in this area make a good southern fried chicken.Not just the fried chicken holiday style,but with some savory spice,or even a lemon flavor.I've got a itch that KFC can't scratch

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  1. I would try either At The Table in Asbury Park or Jameson's in Neptune. Good Luck.

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    1. re: bgut1

      +1 on both suggestions. Bgut knows his chicken.

      1. re: seal

        Both are great, At The Table has a bit more atmosphere.

        1. re: MrsDaniels

          I gotta say I have to give it to ATT over Jamesons for fried chicken.

          But I usually end up going to Crown Fried Chicken in Asbury...another new fried chicken joint also opened up which I haven't tried - Chicago Fried Chicken. CFC vs. CFC, fight!

      2. Thanks for the replies!
        Anything worth trying in Ocean county

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          1. re: bgut1

            I havent been there in years but there was a place either in Bradley Beach or Avon on Main...German Family escapes me...but thier chicken was delicious. To me the difference is pan fry vs deep fry. I know no southern ladies have deep fryers in thier kitchens..big cast iron skillets...thats the way to go!

              1. re: Herm

                yah..thats it...but like I said I havent been there for years

        1. Quite a menu at that Schniders,thanks for the reply s