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Mar 28, 2011 07:51 AM

Tricky Egg Cookery Question

I am thinking about trying to cook an egg inside chicken skin. My idea was to somehow poach an egg slightly, then drop it in some chicken skin, tie it up, and deep fry it quickly. In an ideal world, the chicken skin would be crispy and the egg runny, so when you put your fork into it, the egg oozes out and you get a salty, yolky, crispy bite.

I thought it could be an interesting take on a frisee salad with a poached egg in which the chicken skin takes the place of bacon or pancetta in the salad.

Anyone ever see anything like this before? More importantly, anyone have a suggestion on how I can pull it off?

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  1. That's a cool idea. Maybe you could soft boil it, peel it, and put it in the chicken skin to deep fry. I think that soft boiled eggs are pretty easy to peel when they are somewhat cool. Ostensibly, they would warm up when they are fried.

    1. I've done deep fried breaded poached eggs before, so I think this is do-able. It also sounds so delicious!

      I think the trick to it is to make sure you've got a good coating of white over the yolk so that it's not too fragile. This means super-fresh eggs that don't spread out in the pan, and not doing too many at once, as I think the temp of the water will drop too much and the whites will spread again.

      I also found that to handle them delicately, you've got to cup them in the palm of your hand - though the use of a spoon to get them out of the water is probably wise! Cool them quickly in cold water before wrapping them in skin.

      I'm picturing the egg being popped inside a bag of chicken skin, like inari-sushi. But I think you'd need edible thread to sew up your bag! And a stiched skin pouch is getting a bit Buffalo Bill...

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        Ha! Yeah I was just thinking about some kitchen twine at first. I'd imagine I can cut it off after the deep fry without cracking the skin.

        Thanks for the suggestions. I may try out some recipes this week. If it is successful, I'll post. Perhaps with some pictures.

      2. Interesting concept. My guess is that to fry it long enough to get the chicken skin crispy will mean a well done egg unless you have really hot oil, which, given the water content of the skin, is going to be pretty incendiary.

        You might consider blanching the skin first and letting it air dry a la the Peking duck technique