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Mar 28, 2011 06:43 AM

Where In Bergen cnty can I get food like this

After eating again at Xavier s in Piermont and Restaurant X in Congers both right over the NY border near northern Jersey. . I know they are Peter Kelly restaurants. I couldn't help but wonder if we have anything to compare in the county or am I relegated to going to NY state for a superlative meal composed of local bounty. Are their any chefs in the area who are dedicated to local ingredients . I found this in Virgina and in other places but not in northern NJ. Any suggestions I like the idea of using local produce since we have so many farms in the area.

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  1. It's hardly "relegated", Piermont is literally just steps over the border...My favorite is Velo in Nyack, which I like even better than the 2 places you just mentioned.

    Yes, it's a sad state of affairs for "New American" in Bergen...Chakra in Paramus has a new chef/owner and is getting kudos, although I haven't been there.

    Picnic in Fairlawn is also getting raves...

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      You are always the go to person on this board. What do you think of Cafe Panache in Ramsey? I keep hearing good things about it

      Cafe Panache
      130 E Main St, Ramsey, NJ 07446

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        Haven't been in years, but the place persists. I think it's a bit past its prime, in need of a makeover both to the menu and perhaps the environment. But, like the Saddle River Inn, it has some very loyal fans. It's also a place catering to these "insiders", if you are not a regular, you will be treated differently. (Same at SRI).

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          re: Cafe Panache - just my 2cents - perhaps it was due to my expectations based on the high reviews - but we were disappointed. It was a couple of years ago so I don't know how it is of late.

      2. Rosemary and Sage in Riverdale, just off of I-287. Not Bergen, but minutes away.

        Rosemary and Sage
        26 Hamburg Tpke, Riverdale, NJ 07457

        1. I never hear much on the boards about Cafe Matisse - but I think it is up there in comparison. Great attention to detail, both in food and service. It is BYO -so that is a plus as well. Very creative, changing menus.