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Mar 28, 2011 06:11 AM

Persimmons - New Bern

After stopping by for a relatively quick lunch, I felt this restaurant deserved it's own post. The dining room is bright and well appointed, with great water views. Their lunch menu was an interesting mix of sandwiches, burgers and salads. The dinner menu was more intricate and look very interesting, with lots of local and artisinal ingredients sprinkled throughout the descriptions (I will say I'm tired of name dropping on menus). Prices were reasonable considering the location and level of cooking, with lunch entrees between $9 and $12 and dinner between $17 and $30.

As far as the food go's, there is clearly talent in this kitchen. A bowl of onion soup had unbelievable depth of flavor. Beef brisket was cooked perfectly on a sandwich, tender yet moist. Their Asian slaw was an appealing mix of Napa cabbage, red cabbage and carrot. Plates were well presented on contemporary china and service was very good. I had some minor quibbles (yukon gold potatoes don't make crisp fries, way too much barbecue sauce on the brisket sandwich), but can't wait to get back to this restaurant for dinner.

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  1. Persimmons is a newish restaurant in New Bern. I've been there lots of times. Service can be spotty and so can the food. Meals that come out of the kitchen cold, unequal portions (ex. 2 people at the table order the same dish. One get a bigger portion of veggies etc.). Mostly it's good. You just need to remember it's in a small town, where good trained help is hard to find.