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Mar 28, 2011 04:43 AM

Eating in Geneva

Any advice? A business trip including Shabbat, right after Pesach.

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  1. Does Ketori or Quai 55 offer Shabbat meals?

    1. Wow. Who knew that the most outstanding experience of a trip to Geneva would be the food.

      Ketori is a truly great shushi restaurant. The prices are absurd even by Manhattan standards. Easy to drop $80 or $100 per person on a meal. But what a meal. The salmon roe was exquisite.

      But Quai 55, ooh la la. I knew that it was something special from the first bite of asparagus when they sent my meal for a business dinner to another restaurant. I knew even though the duck was dessicated by the microwave re-heating. Rosemary potatoes, tomatoes that tasted like tomatoes, duck in Cumberalnd sauce, followed by a perfect fondant au chocolate.

      The lunch they sent was equally wonderful. Then I went to the restaurant.

      Le foie gras. Heavenly. Followed by the most perfect veal I've ever eaten. Then perfect profiteroles.

      It is, to be sure among the world's most expensive kosher restaurants, half again as much as a similar meal at Solo in Manhattan. Prices in Swiss francs

      1. anyone been to Geneva recently?

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          If you can wait, I expect to spend a week there in 11 months. :-)

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            I'll give you an update before that, but you will owe me a parve Sacher torte recipe with a moist crumb.

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              Yes, yes. We got in late last night from EY. I hope to transcribe it tonight. And with my MIL coming Friday, I can post a pic soon thereafter (IY"H).

        2. Ketori is easily nice enough to take colleagues. It's a Japanese and sushi place.

          Sushi is very good. Japanese noodles with strips of beef were warm, salty and filling on a chilly night. Banana dumpling dessert was outstanding.

          The local caterer delivered all other meals ot the conference hotel. Unremarkable. Reliably delivered.

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            Just posted the sacher torte recipe, Adina.

          2. Looking for an update. I am spending 3 days in Lausanne, flying via Geneva. I need someplace that will deliver to the University and not be outrageously expensive by Swiss standards as the my Swiss host may be covering the cost.