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Mar 28, 2011 01:02 AM

Bahrain - best places for a foodie?

Hi - does anyone have any recommendations for Bahrain eats? I am looking for anything really - high end and low end places. Particularly the best places for local food, street food, expat indian restaurants, asian food, etc. It's been quite hard trying to find recommendations online so your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Cafe Italia is lovely, upmarket and quite pricey Italian food, ultra modern inside. Serves alcohol.
    Just off the top of my head:
    La Taverna (competes with another for oldest Italian in Bahrain) fab food, great portion sizes and very reasonable, serves alcohol.
    Bushido is lovely, a little pricey
    Lanterns is great for Indian, they have buffet nights on Monday I believe.
    Al Abraj is great for localish food, but some of the holes-in-walls in the villages sell fab cheese breads.
    Hope this is a little help to you

    1. Places I've enjoyed recently

      Muju (for brunch)

      My friends recommend

      Meat Co.
      Trader Vic's (though that may be more for drinks)

      The shwarma stands in shwarma alley (behind the Gulf Hotel) are good, approx 3 per BD, but the ones in Hidd are cheaper.
      Al Abraaj is highly recommended.
      Iskenderun Grills Restaurant off Exhibition Ave (near the Yum Yum Tree) is great for standard middle eastern fare (great lamb chops).

      There is an indian restaurant near my apt in Adliya called the Clay Oven that my realtor recommended (and she also recommended my indian cook who is great, so I trust the rec), if you make a turn across from the KFC you'll go right to it.

      You have probably found all of these by now since you've been in country since March, but it might help.

      1. I strongly recommend you to try the chicken shawarma at Burger land(exhibition Road or Budayia) they have the best shawarma on the Island,,,,I've tried many but this is the most authentic. Not to forget the Coral Beach at Kourneesh Al Fateh,, has the most delicious lebanese menu with a lovely sea view as well,,, as for a nice Arabic breakfast try Zeit Zaitoun(exhibition Road) for Mana2eesh 3ala elsaj or fatteh, and Albairouti(palace Road for the best Hummus and Foul),I've been here for more than 14 years and I've tried all,my above recommendation is to enjoy a good Arabic flavour in the middle East with affordable prices. Enjoy the stay,