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Mar 27, 2011 11:05 PM

Korean & Steaks

Looking for some good Korean places. I've read there are a bunch of them near Chinatown, but searching for recommendations.

Also want suggestions for good steaks but not at the expensive establishments at the Strip hotels.

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  1. Dessy B's Steakhouse

    A while back the local franchisee of all the Sizzler's in town decided to close. Some of the employees got together to reopen one location and keep themselves working.

    It's not a high line steakhouse by any means, but it's better than any Sizzler ever was. I would rank it similar in quality to Lonestar or Outback. Similar setup as Sizzler with an all you can eat salad bar. They also do a really low price lunch buffet.

    Steaks, burgers, salad bar a kid's menu and discounts for 55+.

    Good food. Good value.

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      Interesting link shamu. I hope they succeed.

    2. For steak, try the Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans. The decor could use an update but the food was surprisingly good and much less expensive than the Strip restaurants. The service was also quite good. I was skeptical but we ended up having a very good meal.

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        Second the Loft. It's a solid second tier prime rib place. Quality is good, solid service and the price is exceptional considering the whole package. It's the kind of place where you still want good food in a nice setting but if your dining companions would feel uncomfortable in an overly fussy or expensive place.

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          I Third this place, prime rib is amazing, get the baked potato w/ some horseraddish... I eat at the best restaurants in town, and nowhere touches their lamb(the M's italian restaurant cam close though). I just hate the casino(hubby has asthema, so walking through the cloud of smoke really deteres us).

        2. Good steak in a very no frills setting would be Rincon de Buenos Aires. Argentine place, get one of their mixed grills for two. Or you could get the individual skirt steak or short ribs. Those are favorites too. This is essentially a deli/hot food counter with tables stuck around the butcher case. But they have full waiter service, the people are always friendly. It's very laid back. The meat is wonderful and prices very reasonable for the portion size. It's the kind of place you go with a couple of buddies in shorts for good steak and conversation at a low price.

          1. In addition to Prime Rib Loft and Rincon de Buenos Aires, both of which are excellent recommendations, Canal Street at the Orleans.

            1. Joe's stone crab @Caesars are not bad for what you get... pretty reasonable. Seem to cost hubby and I the same as the Prime Rib Loft...

              Ricon de buenos aires was good, but I guess im too spoiled to remember it much but I know i ate my food, so it must have been good. We have Columbian friends who have gotten many holiday dinner pigs catered by them(quite good).

              But if you really want some cheap eats that are Delectable, try Texas De Brazil @ Town Center... boy are you in for a treat 35$ pp all you can eat... every kind of steak, lamb, chicken, pork... black beans, rice, fried plantains.... omg! and a salad bar the size of a small pool(don't fill yourself up on salad though) By far Las Vegas's Best Deal price/quality-wise.