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Mar 27, 2011 08:48 PM

Wine in Oxford restaurants on Sundays

I'm a little confused about the liquor laws in Oxford, Miss. I'll be dining on a Sunday evening at Ravine. IWhen I made reservations I asked if they could sell wine on Sundays. I was told they could not.. I then asked if I could bring a bottle myself and was told they couldn't advise me on that. I assume I am permitted to bring my own bottle? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. The way I understand the law is if a restaurant has an on-premises permit for liquor/wine (which are treated the same by the state ABC), you cannot "brown bag" your own wine ever. If the restaurant is "beer only" or does not serve alcohol, you are permitted to "brown bag." Caveat: you cannot bring wine into a county that is not "wet" for liquor.

    Reading these laws in toto, I do not believe it would be permissible to brown bag your own wine to a restaurant that cannot by law serve it on Sundays, for two reasons. First, it has an on-premises consumption permit. Second, the city is technically "dry" for wine/liquor on Sundays.

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      fat harry has the law right, but I wonder if "I can't advise you on that" is code for "we won't tell if you won't." I'd be tempted to bring a bottle and play dumb.

      1. re: pkimble

        I have friends that live in Oxford. PKimble is correct. Take your own booze to Ravine. Good luck.