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Mar 27, 2011 07:40 PM

Chow-worthy, veggie and budget friendly along i-10?

I plan to drive from Benson, AZ to Sonora, TX to Lafayette, LA

any recommendations are appreciated!

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    1. re: 1newyorkguy

      I think you got the best answer you're gonna get on your other identical thread. Bruce said just exactly what I would have said. I suggest you refer to that one.

    2. Lots of good places. In Ozona, Tx (just west of Sonora) is the Hitching Post. It's always been decent and there aren't a lot of choices out there. Great onion rings, good burgers and chicken fried steak.

      Moving east, Junction has the Milky Way. While you see some other places you may be tempted to stop at, pass them by and eat a decent burger or patty melt (not great but decent) with hand cut fries for a minimal amount of $. They have the most wonderful chocolate malts too. Take the first Junction exit (the one furthermost west) and follow the main road through town. It will be on your right as the road makes a bend.

      In Comfort turn north on Ranch to Market Road 573 for 12 miles to eat one of the best hamburgers ever at Alamo Springs. First hamburger in my 58 years I had to eat with a fork. It's worth the detour.

      San Antonio and Houston are well covered on other threads. I never found much between SA and HOU that was easy access and really good.

      East from Houston, one of my favorite cajun places in TX - Al-T's in Winnie.

      Beaumont has a great bakery not far off of I-10 - Rao's. The Calder location is the one I usually stop at

      Lake Charles - my favorite place is Tony's Pizza. It's not far off the 210 Loop, Ryan St. exit I think. It's maybe 2-3 blocks off the loop. Love their pizza, spaghetti, seafood salad, roast beef poboys, and many other things there.

      If you're passing through for breakfast - make a trip to Nelson Donuts for some hot glazed melt-in-your-mouth donuts.

      In Jennings, just a few miles south of I-10 is Frey's Crawfish House. Ca c'est bon cher.

      So let us know your findings. Good luck!!

      Hitching Post
      10250 State Highway 21 W, Caldwell, TX 77836

      1. Just read your other thread. No meat? Oh my. Do you eat seafood?

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        1. re: texasredtop

          Also, either on the board that covers Louisiana or the New Orleans board, someone had an extensive list of I-10 restaurants. There was even a map. Hundreds of good places from NOLA to West Texas. Go to those two boards and search "Al-T's" and you will probably come across it.

          Reading your post on the NOLA board - some comments for you.

          Cafe Du Monde - instead try Croissant d'Or. Better selection with wonderful croissants and other pastries. CDM has coffee and donuts, nothing more. They have an excellent iced coffee drink there though.

          Casamento's or Crabby Jack's or Parkway for fried oysters or shrimp po boy - forget Crabby Jack's, it smells funny in there and they don't hold a candle to Casamento's. Parkway is pretty good but Casamento's is really good.

          My two favorites dishes in the entire world are -
          #1 - bbq shrimp at Mr. B's Bistro
          #2 - chargrilled oysters at the Drago's in Metairie

          If you're willing to do seafood, don't miss those two dishes.

        2. Take a detour on 90 through alpine and marfa. No particular recs, but you'll find something tasty and some beautiful scenery along the way.

          1. Hi there,

            As a former veggie I applaud the fact that you want to try to go veggie in the meat Mecca of America, Texas.

            I'm a SA native and former Concierge so I can tell you the following are going to be right up your alley. While not on I-10 proper its not a long drive to any of these places....


            The only fully veggie restaurant in town. Very good with vegan options as well.


            Adelante Mexican Food

            The Porblano soup is to die for!!! (trying to remember if its veggie???) This place is a health veggie friendly Mexican restaurant a few miles north of downtown. I believe they are closed on Sundays.

            21 Brees Blvd., San Antonio, TX, 78209

            (210) 822-7681

            The Cove

            Don’t let the restaurant/car wash/laundry mat motif scar you. This place is veggie (and fun) friendly. It has won some major awards and accolades and is a local favorite. If you go in the evening there is live music most days of the week. If you are a pescaterian (SP?)- go for the fish tacos!!! Amazing & full of local flavor!


            Have a safe & fun-filled trip :)