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Mar 27, 2011 05:53 PM

Restaurants near ComedySportz Theater in Lakeview?

Looking for good places for dinner very near this theater (i.e., ideally walking distance), which is at 929 West Belmont (zip code 60657). Open to range of prices, just want a great meal. Thanks.

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  1. Within a five-minute walk, there are a bunch of really good places in a range of prices:

    Clarke's (diner) -
    Giordano's on Belmont (stuffed pizza) -
    Mia Francesca on Clark (Italian) -
    Deleece Grill Pub on Clark (American comfort food) -
    Jack's on Halsted (American) -
    Yoshi's Cafe (upscale global) -
    Twisted Spoke on Clark (sandwiches) -

    1. For a great meal, Mia Francesca wins, hands down. Reservations are a must. The noise level can sometimes be bothersome, but the food is always delicious. Just a little further east on Broadway is Joy's, a wonderful thai restaurant. It is BYOB, which is a nice bonus.

      Mia Francesca
      3311 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

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        Thanks for your suggestions. We really enjoyed Mia Francesca -- great bruschetta, calamari, pasta (penne with vodka sauce & salmon and pasta with mushrooms). Dessert was great too -- we had chocolate peanut butter torte and creme brulee, plus our kids liked the chocolate gelato and mango sorbet. Service was quick and friendly. They seated us in the upstairs dining room, so the noise wasn't a problem. Great value for the money.

        Mia Francesca
        3311 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657