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Mar 27, 2011 03:21 PM

How long will sugared fresh fruit stay good in the freezer?

I partially cleared out my freezer recently, and found three containers of strawberries from 2006. These were good organic strawberries, hand-picked with my son, promptly rinsed, sliced, sugared and frozen.

I've never tried keeping anything that long in the freezer before (BTW mine is a fridge/freezer combo, not a stand-alone deep freeze). If it were meat or prepackaged food I'd toss it without a second thought, but I'm reluctant to discard such deliciousness unless it's really necessary..

Think the berries are still OK?

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  1. There is CERTAINLY nothing harmful in using them. If there is freezer burn you'll know by the taste and smell, so thaw and sample before using. Freezer burn isn't hazardous and even if there is some on the surface, the interior might well taste fine. They will have lost some of their nutrient value but surely do not need to be tossed out on that score.

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      fine for smoothies. who knows how long commercial frozen fruit has been frozen.