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Mar 27, 2011 03:20 PM

All Clad or ???

I'm looking at buying a 12" D5 stainless All Clad at Williams Sonoma for $130. Any other brands I should be considering that are around the same price (or less)? I picked up a 10" All Clad LTD2 at Marshall's today for $60 but was disappointed to bring it home and find out it doesn't work on my portable induction unit. Really like the pan otherwise, but I'd like to have something that work with my induction unit and 12" is the size I'd really prefer anyway. I couldn't pass up an All Clad pan for $60 though!

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  1. Rick if you are near Pittsburgh All Clad has a factory sale in June and December. Most stuff 1/2 off retail some deals are even better..


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      I actually live in Pittsburgh! Thanks, never knew about this. Where exactly is this sale located?

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        Usually at the Washington County Fairgrounds, as far as I know. I'm up by Sharon and haven't been either, but I keep wanting to go!

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          its just off 79 south before washington give em a call ...


      2. Demeyere, Viking, Mauviel, or American Kitchen

        1. Vollrath carbon steel. It's what restaurants use. Not pretty, but the best functional gear there.

          Never mind, not for induction.

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          1. I **love** my 12" non-stick All Clad. Is the one you are looking at non-stick? I guess it depends on what you are using it for...

            I'm about to get a 10" non-stick one too. I was making at omelette today, and the 8" was kind of small and the 12" kind of big. Seems like a good enough reason to justify a 10"!!

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              No, a traditional stainless steel pan. I have this 10" All Clad LTD2 sitting here and I'm trying to decide if I REALLY need that 12" or not.

            2. You can get a 12" Regal American Kitchen tri-ply skillet, made in Wisconsin, for $60. I have the 10" version, and love it -- long, comfortable handle, good quality but not unduly heavy, just an excellent value.

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                I picked up the 9.5" for $70 shipped from Amazon. Well worth the money, and I'm working on my second Mauviel piece. I have an 8" AC skillet, love it for the price I paid $40 shipped from C&M, but in my hands, I feel the Mauviel pieces are just a bit better - in construction, handle, etc.