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Mar 27, 2011 02:40 PM

Whither Hiroo Nagahara?

Greetings, all!

I made the now tragic decision, in January of 2010, to wait on Bar Charlie until I could return to Vegas with my ladylove, whose tastes seemed perfectly suited to his style.

Of course, with Bar Charlie now extinct, I'm wondering if there's been any word about whatever happened to Hiroo Nagahara? I'd love to chase him somewhere, but either he's dropped off the face of the planet or my Google-fu is lacking. But since he was last seen in your neck of the woods, I thought I'd check here first. I have this dream where the first response to this question will be, "Oh, of course, he's now at X restaurant in Y casino doing his thing."

Any takers?

Many thanks!

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  1. Dmkly, as far as I can tell he seemed to have returned to Florida and be hawking knives and opening or involved in the opening of a place called Dragonfly Robata in Orlando.
    ...not that I am a fangirl or anything. ;)

    It is a shame you missed it, twas a great restaurant. If you head to Vegas you should try Raku instead. It's not Bar Charlie...but it is something.

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    1. re: kazzy

      Thanks, Kazzy!

      Ah, sad news. I had hopes he was perhaps still in town somewhere. Though it's good to hear he may at least be involved in something somewhere, and that he hasn't completely disappeared off the face of the planet.

      As for Raku, I checked it out last time I was in town, and I hope to get back this time :-)

    2. actually, I'm good friends with Hiroo :) I'm glad to see that his fans are wondering about him till now. unfortunately, he is no longer residing in las vegas. he has moved to san francisco. but good news, he is in the process of opening up his own place there. ^___^ he was in florida for a while helping with the opening of dragonfly. Hiroo has been a busy little bee, going between san francisco and los angeles these days. He is also getting ready to head to Europe in July for a few months to work with some master chefs there. The opening of his own place will be in 2014 :) so be on the look out for it. It's going to be an amazing place with some fantastic chefs he's pulling to work for him ^____^.

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        Couldn't be more bummed about having missed him in Vegas. Glad to hear he hasn't dropped off the face of the planet. Will definitely be keeping an eye out :-)