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Mar 27, 2011 02:34 PM

Ideas for St. Louis Style Ribs (the cut)?

Just bought 2 big slabs of St Louis cut ribs on sale for a great price. They look great! I haven't cooked ribs in ages and would love a few ideas. I'd also like to ideally cut the big slabs into several smaller portions...but thats not absolutely necessary.
bear in mind I can't BBQ as I live in northern Canada and MY grill is still surrounded by ice! I could chip it out if anyone has an irresistible grill recipe lol

and I love spicy!


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  1. I really like a recipe from marcella hazan for ribs:

    doesn't have the exact recipe but its something like one onion, one carrot and one stalk of celery chopped fine (this lady cut the chunks too big i think) then about a cup of crushed tomatoes. the browned ribs go in a low oven (300 degrees, the recipe says cook on the stove top but oven is easier and just as tastey) until tender. i like to reduce the sauce some at the end on the stove. oh this cooks about 6 ribs. with polenta its a big fatty meal for two.