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Mar 27, 2011 02:30 PM

Tau Natural And Organic Foods In Pointe Claire

Very nice, huge, natural and organic food store.
They have a big selection of produce and dairy as well as a take out counter with organic prepared food ready to go.
The prices on many items of food were very reasonable too.
I'm not an organic or vegetarian eater by discipline but they really do have some interesting items.

It's in the Mega Center at the intersection of Sources Blvd. and the 40.

Marche Bio Tau
2335 Autoroute TransCanadienne
514 695-0828

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  1. Yes, this was mentioned in one of the Health Food threads recently. Their prices are lower than Healthtree on St Jean on identical products and their produce selection is much better, although I tried a peach last week and it was horrible (serves me right for buying a S. American peach in the middle of March). They carry a pretty decent cheese pie at the take out counter, the guy told me it is imported from Greece, comes in frozen obviously but it was pretty good.