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Mar 27, 2011 01:45 PM

Downtown - Public School 612

Has anyone been to the Public School 612 yet? Cafeteria/School theme. Comfort foody.

Curious to what people thought.... if its worth my time.

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  1. I've been a couple of times. I think it's worthwhile to check out...decent beer list but not extraordinary. Food is good and reasonably priced, but overly salted.

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    1. re: DarinDines

      We went once and I think this is a fair assessment. PS612 is a good solid option for an after-work meet-up place. It's part of the Daily Grill, and I found it to be similar in that the atmosphere is pleasant and the food decent - but the overall experience is unextraordinary.

      1. re: aching

        Ahhh .... didn't realize it was PART of Daily Grill. Is ijust physically a part of the same space or is it owned by them too?

        1. re: JackonCrack

          Both. They've created it in the part of the space that is on 6th (can't remember what it was before - just more restaurant seating, I think?). The two halves of the space feel quite separate, but it's still one space.