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Mar 27, 2011 01:18 PM

Barefoot Contessa or Heartless Contessa


A story from the LA Times:

  1. Interesting followup on that story:

    In part:

    It’s unfortunate that the child in question, who it seems is perpetually six years old, was made aware of Garten’s decision, but that speaks to lapses in judgement by everyone involved on the Make-A-Wish end of things. After the first NO – which should have been the final word, by the way – the child should have redirected towards one of his alternate wishes. Women are not obligated to fulfill the needs of anyone who asks; neither are celebrities. Women are allowed to pick and choose which obligations they will undertake. And more importantly, it says nothing about the character or denotes a lack of it, if in some cases they choose to say NO.

    By the way, the kid already has picked a more M.A.W grantable wish: he’s going to be swimming with dolphins!

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