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Jan 16, 2006 01:02 PM

Red Velvet CupCakes

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going to a friends bday party in Feb, want to take red velvet cupcakes. anyone know where I can get delicious ones?


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  1. i know recently people on this board were disappointed with sprinkles, but in my opinion the red velvet cupcakes and sprinkles are unreal!

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    1. re: Ashley

      the red velvet cupcakes at sprinkles are the only ones that's good there.

      1. re: angie

        What makes a good cupcake?
        I think flavor, texture, freshness and frosting to cake ratio. It seems almost difficult to do it wrong.

        What sucks about Sprinkles?
        I will have to look up the archives I guess.

        I have yet to have a Red Velvet cupcake that I like, and I have eaten many a cupcake.
        If they don't have any chocolate or cocoa then they are rather flavorless, just red. With cocoa they just are not chocolaty enough to be really good. So I still do not get the Red Velvet concept. I will try some of the referals here and see if I find a good one.

    2. Try Doughboy's on 3rd in Beverly Hills, or Sprinkles (not positive that they have the red velvet, but people rave about their cupcakes and they have about a thousand different varieties so I would be shocked if they did not).

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        1. re: Pesky Humans
          torta basilica

          They do, but I haven't tried them.

        2. I would order them from Basically Barry. Everything that he makes is delicious. Try it - you'll LOVE it! ;-)


          1. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock has big huge impressive (and delicious) ones for $3.50. Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank doesn't have them everyday but you could order ahead. Their's are $2.50 each but are smaller/standard size (like a regular homemade cupcake).

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            1. re: jill

              I'm no red velvet expert, but I tasted one of Auntie Em's red velvet cupcakes this weekend and was a little grossed out -- it tasted like cornbread (I like cornbread, but I found red sweet cornbread with frosting pretty icky).

              That said, I also tried the coconut cupcake (divine), and a cream-filled lemon cupcake with lavender (both the color and the herb) frosting. The lavender frosting was particularly yummy.

            2. Butter Cake Bakery has delicious red velvet cupcakes, and I think they are much less expensive than the other places - their standard cupcake is $1.75, minis are $.75.


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              1. re: cookie d'oh

                I just got a carrot cake from here that was FANTASTIC. I don't know about the red velvet cupcakes, but I imagine they are pretty good. I also like the red velvet cupcakes at Toast.