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Red Velvet CupCakes

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going to a friends bday party in Feb, want to take red velvet cupcakes. anyone know where I can get delicious ones?


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  1. i know recently people on this board were disappointed with sprinkles, but in my opinion the red velvet cupcakes and sprinkles are unreal!

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    1. re: Ashley

      the red velvet cupcakes at sprinkles are the only ones that's good there.

      1. re: angie

        What makes a good cupcake?
        I think flavor, texture, freshness and frosting to cake ratio. It seems almost difficult to do it wrong.

        What sucks about Sprinkles?
        I will have to look up the archives I guess.

        I have yet to have a Red Velvet cupcake that I like, and I have eaten many a cupcake.
        If they don't have any chocolate or cocoa then they are rather flavorless, just red. With cocoa they just are not chocolaty enough to be really good. So I still do not get the Red Velvet concept. I will try some of the referals here and see if I find a good one.

    2. Try Doughboy's on 3rd in Beverly Hills, or Sprinkles (not positive that they have the red velvet, but people rave about their cupcakes and they have about a thousand different varieties so I would be shocked if they did not).

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          torta basilica

          They do, but I haven't tried them.

        2. I would order them from Basically Barry. Everything that he makes is delicious. Try it - you'll LOVE it! ;-)

          Link: http://home.earthlink.net/~bgrubs/

          1. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock has big huge impressive (and delicious) ones for $3.50. Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank doesn't have them everyday but you could order ahead. Their's are $2.50 each but are smaller/standard size (like a regular homemade cupcake).

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              I'm no red velvet expert, but I tasted one of Auntie Em's red velvet cupcakes this weekend and was a little grossed out -- it tasted like cornbread (I like cornbread, but I found red sweet cornbread with frosting pretty icky).

              That said, I also tried the coconut cupcake (divine), and a cream-filled lemon cupcake with lavender (both the color and the herb) frosting. The lavender frosting was particularly yummy.

            2. Butter Cake Bakery has delicious red velvet cupcakes, and I think they are much less expensive than the other places - their standard cupcake is $1.75, minis are $.75.

              Link: http://www.buttercakebakery.com/

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                I just got a carrot cake from here that was FANTASTIC. I don't know about the red velvet cupcakes, but I imagine they are pretty good. I also like the red velvet cupcakes at Toast.

              2. Doughboys isn't bad. I have not tried Sprinkles, but I can recommend Susina.

                Susina makes them to order and usually has them in the shop around Valentines. They're very yummy.

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                  having tried most red velvet cupcakes and cake in LA, i think that tToast on third makes superior cupcakes when compared to doughboy's. plus the size at doughboys is not good for a party

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                    Flora Morena Fine Foods in Silverlake has a fantastic one - available in 2 sizes.

                    1. re: wheninrome

                      Actually, the Flor Morena cupcakes are from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock (and I agree, they are great).

                      1. re: newhound

                        Having tried them everywhere, Auntie Em's have the best. Moist, and the frosting is a smooth cream cheese. I ordered a bunch for our twins' birthday. They come in three sizes. Mini, medium and large.

                    2. re: food good

                      Had a really delicious Red Velvet cupcake at the new bakery, Buttercake Bakery on Pico just East of Overland. Mini and Regular are reasonably priced. The Peanut Butter Chocolate was very good too. Other baked goods looked great. Give it a try!

                    3. I LOVE red velvet cake and Doughboys are fantastic. A little bigger than standard cupcake size though.

                      1. thank you all so much. I am off to taste test every suggestion before the big day.

                        Thanks again...

                        1. I second Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank - Yummy!!!

                          Link: http://www.yummycupcakes.com

                          1. Without a doubt, Auntie Em's red velvet cupcakes are the best in town and I've also had other delicious desserts there as well.

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                              I agree, I always have some kind of fantastic dessert. Always fresh!

                            2. Try ordering from Sweetcake (http://sweetcake.com/). Darby Aldaco fills his red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they are amazing.

                              1. IMO, Bluebird bakery in Culver City makes a fantastic red velvet cupcake. Moist cake and thick, sweet and rich (but not overly so) cream cheese frosting.
                                I've tasted red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles, Toast, Doughboys (not really a cupcake), Susiecakes and Buttercakes Bakery--Bluebird wins hands down!

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                                  Agreed, Bluebird's red velvet cupcake is great.

                                2. I always do Auntie Em's....and have always been very happy.

                                  1. I love the red velvet cupcakes at Susiecakes in Brentwood. Not as cloyingly sweet as Sprinkles.

                                    1. When they have them (which is usually), Union Bakery in South Pasadena (corner Fair Oaks and Monterrey) makes a very nice Red Velvet cupcake. Call ahead and ask if it's a shlep for you.