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Mar 27, 2011 10:05 AM

Best cities for food by Lyndhurst?

Hello -- I'll be moving from the SF bay area for a job in Lyndhurst, and am trying to figure out where to live. Any opinions on what would be best city for food within a decent public transit commute of Lyndhurst? Diversity of ethnic cuisines, a wide option of cheap eats, and good pizza are the main criteria.


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  1. The closest would be Rutherford, only 2 miles away, lots of restaurants and food choices in the downtown area. The only issue you will have is "good" pizza. Slice pizza in NJ SUCKS. Bar pie pizza can be good, but you'll need to travel.

    1. Hate to say it, but with the need to be "within a decent public transit commute," your options just got VERY limited. Hoboken or Jersey City are probably your best options if you're not going to have a car around here, and commuting from JC could be a bit of a pain.

      Lyndhurst is on an NJ Transit rail line and buses come through the town from other places (including NYC), but the public transit system isn't the greatest here. If you're used to going all over the place on the BART, this will be an adjustment.

      Restaurant-wise, Lyndhurst is (mostly) full of pizza and red sauce Italian places, with a pathetic (imo) handful of other mediocre options--except if you want an excellent authentic Italian sub! Rutherford has a few good spots (it's across the hwy from Lyndhurst, but a long walk--1.5 to 2 miles--if you want to get to the 'downtown' area where the restaurants are. Montclair is within reach in terms of mileage, but I don't know if you can get there from here by bus without it taking a bit too long considering how close it actually is. Nutley might be a possibility.

      Depending upon where in Lyndhurst your job is, you may not have an option other than a bus. If you want to PM me and tell me where the office is, I might be able to give you some additional thoughts.

      1. Pizza is not all doom and gloom in NJ. I'm looking forward to trying a new place right in Lyndhurst on Valley Brook Avenue named Francesca's....

        1. All things being equal I'd recommend to anyone moving to NJ to live right near where you work. The traffic congestion is unbelievable, even compared to Bay area traffic.

          1. We live in Rutherford - without a car, former Berkeley residents, most recently Brooklyn transplants and committed non-car-owners - and love it. There are some good places (Nazar, Greektown Gyros, Red Basil for ok not great Thai, decent pub fare at the Station) plus a lot of Italian places. I wouldn't say however there were lots of diverse restaurants - the Chinese food is not good - we don't eat pizza out so can't comment on the pizza places.
            You would really have to research the NJ Transit routes to know where best to locate - our location is excellent for us, with both train and bus to the city right at hand (I need the train because I work in Secaucus) but from some locations you pretty much have to go into the city and back out to get where you need to be (I don't know of a way short of this to get to Lyndhurst from JC or Hoboken). From downtown Rutherford the 190 stops by the hotels in Lyndhurst before getting on the highway and the 76 to Newark goes along one of the major streets in Lyndhurst.
            Rutherford has no supermarket but is served by both Peapod (Stop & Shop) and Fresh Direct. We've been very happy with Peapod - no more schlepping, what a joy, and the quality of almost everything has been great (only got one not terrific piece of London broil and a bad sour cream in nearly a year's worth of deliveries).
            NJ w/o a car is certainly possible (and the traffic here is horrendous) but I would suggest taking a close look at transportation before committing to anything.

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              I'm not truly familiar with the area, but Ridge Road from Lyndhurst - North Arlington - Kearny and Harrison have a pretty diverse cultures and many food places along the route south. If you are a Soprano's fan, PizzaLand is just off Ridge Road. Newark and Ferry Street is also easily reached on the route. Heading north, Rutherford has been mentioned, but one more town up is Wallington (known as Poland on the Passaic) with a number of quality Polish options available

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                That's true about Ridge Road and Newark.

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                  Pizzaland looked closed the last few times I passed.

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                    I've seen some chatter citing the death of the owner......RIP