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Mar 27, 2011 09:07 AM

Dot's Diner?

I set up a Groupon account for my trip upcoming to NOLA and today I got an offer for Dot's Diner ($12 worth of food for $6). I don't know the area so I'm wondering -- is this place worth checking out?

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  1. Dot's is on Jefferson Highway near the AP. I would stay around the FQ or CBD. You will waste $6.00 of your time and wear on your car going there and back. Go to Coop's or one of the joints in the FQ for good food.

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      I agree, unless you are renting a car and hit it on the way in or out from the airport its probably not worth the time and effort. Coop's is great, Camelia Grill now has a FQ location also. TONS of little dives with great food and plenty of character in the Quarter.

    2. Dot's is a local chain. There are a number of locations, most in Jefferson/Metairie. They are diners with diner food and are perfectly good for what they are. But I'd never consider them a destination for a visitor.

      1. Definitely not a place to hit up as a visitor unless you are staying near one in Metairie.