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Mar 27, 2011 08:22 AM

Need a good Saturday night restaurant in White Plains

Looking for a reasonably priced restaurant in White Plains where there is easy, free parking for next Saturday. We will be at the Crowne Plaza and would like someplace close.


Crowne Plaza
State St, Albany, NY 12202

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  1. Price range, type of food, size of group? There are plenty of places (wide variety) within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza--will others be joining you who aren't staying at the Crowne Plaza?

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    1. re: Elisa515

      Sounds good. If I do not have to take the car out of the parking lot, that is great. We are three, staying at the CP, possibly more.


      1. re: Fred19

        Had no trouble getting a table at the Turkish restaurant on Mamaroneck Ave. on Saturday night, and the food is delish (very casual atmosphere, BYO wine).

        Seasons Japanese Bistro on Mamaroneck Ave. has fun seasonal specials.

        Haven't tried the new Eclisse yet on Post Rd but its on the list and you can read about it elsewhere on this board.

        Milonga on North Broadway, food with a latin twist (sangria, paella).

        I like Abatino's on North Broadway for Italian, specifically their specialty pan pizza with fresh tomatoes & garlic, and homemade gnocchi.

        Emma's Ale House (gastro pub) on Gedney Way is another favorite, any excuse to eat their Krispy Creme Bread Pudding, sliders or grab a pretzel stick.

        Seasons Japanese Bistro
        105 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

        Emma's Ale House
        68 Gedney Way, White Plains, NY 10605

    2. Haiku has a very lively scene and is not too far from the hotel. You could easily hop in a cab. There is also BLT and Bellota in the Ritz. Those are also either a stroll or cab ride away.

      1. Not sure you're getting good advice here. The Turkish place is tiny and fast food-like, Seasons is average at best, Abatinos is a no frills red sauce joint (and a drive), Some folks do like Milonga (not me) and Emma's is a good upscale pub, but a drive.
        Perhaps, Hudson Grille or Sushi Nanese, both walkable on Mamaroneck Ave or, for classic cantonese chinese, Aberdeen's on Barker.

        1. Just to add to what people have written here: except for places on Gedney Way, you won't be finding easy free parking on Saturday night in White Plains. But your choices are many for walking.

          I'd like to mention that there are four (chain)places right by the Crowne Plaza that, while chains, could suit your needs. I'm not trying to spark a discussion about whether people think these places are good--they certainly are up to the standards of their particular chains. One is Morton's, but I don't think that will meet your "reasonably priced" requirement. Right across the street from the CP are The Cheesecake Factory and Outback Steakhouse. Down the street a couple blocks is PF Changs.

          If you do feel like a drive of 15 minutes (definitely not longer), personally I'd recommend you go to Port Chester, which has loads of free parking and great reasonably priced restaurants. You can search Chowhound for plenty of discussion of places there. I was at Inca and Gaucho (175 Westchester Ave, Port Chester) a few days ago and it was really fun and extremely reasonable. Three people, bottle of wine, generous tip, appetizers and dinners (shrimp, mixed grill, duck stew) for $100.

          1. Foodlad I agree with most of what you posted however Nanese prices are not reasonable and it might not be walkable for everyone. I also agree with Elisa in regards to there being a plethora of reasonably priced ethnic choices in Port Chester. Fred 19 I'm not sure what you consider reasonable? Aquario in West Harrison is a short cab ride and if you order right you can have a great meal. I am partial to the swordfish with balsamic onions. I generally don't eat swordfish because of its star ranking on the eco-worst list but every once in a while I will eat it at this restaurant its that good and the serving is large enough for two to share. Fred what type of ambiance are you looking for?

            Aquario Restaurant
            141 East Lake Street West, Harrison, NY

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            1. re: chowdom

              Ambiance is not too important. If it is not too far, we can drive as long as there is convenient parking. Since we will be taking our daughter out, the price range of interest is about what the Outback charges. The Turkish place sounded nice, but then it looks like it may be too small. I stay away from swordfish because I have a sensitivity to mercury. Cheesecake factory I rate at a low to fair, and the wait there is horrific. My thanks for all of those fine responses from you Chowhounds.


              1. re: Fred19

                City Limits diner has a parking lot ( not a typical diner)