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Mar 27, 2011 06:34 AM

Komodo on Pico & Robertson - Delicious

I know these guys are pretty well known for their food truck and I can often be skeptical of food trucks. Their concept sounded interesting (tacos with an Indonesian influence), but I never tried it.

We were looking for something new and I read that they just opened so we thought we would try it.

First of all, in there was tons of parking. Seating is limited right now, since they just opened. I also think they are shooting for more take out business.

It's a bit of a "fast-casual" set up. You order at the counter and they bring you the food. The food was very good. For $12 you get a protein (we had Pork Rendag), two vegetables and a green salad. I thought that was a very good value. The vegetables were cooked to order (baby carrots and fingerling potatoes). I was a little surprised that the veggies didn't have more of an Asian influence, but they were very good.

Top that off with a Lychee Lemonade (delicious) and I think I found one of my new favorite places for something quick and healthy.

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  1. Good to know, bsquared2. I have tried their truck food, it was very good, line went fast, and food came out quickly, and hot. Good value, two tacos, one side (fries or meatballs) and can of soda for $10.

    I really like the komodo taco, grilled skirt steak w/jalapeno aioli, and the java, which had the shredded pork with rendag curry & fresh cut cucumbers. Will have to try the store next time I'm in the area for an appointment.

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    1. re: Phurstluv

      i thought the truck was terrible when they catered an event at my company

      java was dry dry dry and not cohesive at all.

      1. re: ns1

        i hated the truck too. i had that spicy shrimp burrito and it was so spicy i couldn't even eat it. i mean, i love spicy but this was WAY overboard. totally misleading. it should have read on the menu, 'so spicy you can't eat this'.

    2. "Seating is limited right now, since they just opened. I also think they are shooting for more take out business. "

      Since they have only one table with four chairs and virtually no space to add any more, it clearly is meant to be a take-out place. That said, the food was very good. I really enjoyed the java taco and the crab cakes.

      1. Komodo Cafe place link added to CH restaurant database

        Komodo Cafe
        8809 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035