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Mar 27, 2011 06:16 AM


On Elysian Fields (across from Cox). Serious contender for best RB poboy. Housemade, thin slices, just enough beefy gravy for a bit to squish out yet not turn the French bread into a soggy, falling apart mess. They use leaf letttuce (intact) rather than shredded iceberg, which stands up nicely.

We also tried the fried (to order) chicken wings that come with 2 sides. The chicken was crisp, relatively grease free but lacked enough seasoning. Mac n cheese was standard fare as were the white beans. Unfortunately we didn't notice the solftshell special till after we ordered.

Will definitely go back for another rb and to sample more of the menu.

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  1. Sammy's consistently delivers solid, staple fare, as you note. I'm loopy for the seafood/mirliton soup when it's on-menu (the large may be my "best buy"). On a side note, thank you for using "crisp" as a descriptor instead of the (anathema-to-me) 'crispy'. (While I'm tall, I've never been 'tally".)

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      Although it's great that you can get pleasure from the use of the word "crisp" rather than "crispy," both are acceptable adjectives, whereas the word "tally" is either a verb or a noun, but in either case has nothing to do with the adjective "tall." (I once had an English prof who objected to the use of the word "societal" instead of "social." While he had a valid point about our tendency to overcomplicate our use of language, it also can be quite pretentious when one makes too big of a deal of these differences.)