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Mar 27, 2011 06:05 AM


Went with friends last night. It was their choice. I hadn't been for years and didn't remember loving it. Pleasant surprise. Food was very good (had a delicious seafood risotto). The bartender also made me a great sidecar (I always feel like I'm taking a chance ordering that - I've had mixed results). Everyone at the table was pleased with their dinner. Very nice waitress. Place was packed. Forgot how attractive the new (few years old now) location is. Would go back.

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  1. Timely review thanks. My SO has been mentioning wanting to give this a try again and we just have not gotten around to it. We frequented the other location knowing going in that we would be packed in and that it could get loud, but the food was interesting and good. Have to put this on the revisit list.

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      Thanks for the comments. Haven't been in years, I'll have to google up where the new location is. Sidecar huh? I used to get those. And in summer a vodka gimlet. Yum yum!

    2. Isn't the "new" location, Roller's former Flying FIsh location? I haven't been to Roller's in about 10 years, but before that was a semi-regular, going about 10-15 times a year. I'm gonna have to get back and see what Paul's up to.

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        Yes it is in the former Flying Fish location.

      2. I have a dear friend who loves Rollers! Her choice for special occaccions, or any occassion. Apparently they also have a nice fixed price option, the Rollers Classic 3 Course Deal, for $19.95. Might be a good way to ease back in if you haven't been there in a while.

        1. Jan, how's the noise level? That's become a problem for us, since we are usually with friends and want to be able to talk.

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            Sylvia, one of the people in our party wears a hearing aid and sometimes has trouble hearing in restaurants. He said the noise level was moderate and that he did not have as much trouble at Roller's as he has had at some other restaurants.

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              Thanks, Jan. We'll put it on our list.

          2. Has anyone been there Sunday for the jazz?