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Mar 27, 2011 12:41 AM

Interesting Adelaide

Hi hounds,
I've heard that Adelaide has wonderful produce and great fish. I'm
heading there for a few days and was wondering whether there were
some nice (and moderate) aussie and southeast asian restaurants/cafes/hawkers
that utilise these resources...
thanks so much!

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  1. I'm in Adelaide for a day coming up.. I'm looking for casual diner for lunch... any ideas?

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    1. re: kersizm

      Have you guys tried the search function?

    2. Hope this isn't terribly too late!

      Great places to try in Adelaide,
      - Walk along Gouger Street on a Friday night and eat at Ying Chow (BBC is a must) or East Taste (Salt&Pepper Eggplant to die for) and Lime and Lemon Thai Cafe is also excellent (I love the drunken noodle).
      -Stroll down Rundle Street on Saturday night and grab a burger and beer at The Austral out on the balcony (delicious and cheap)
      -Spend Sunday night at one of Adelaide's finer restaurants, new and lovely is D'artagnan in North Adelaide.

      1. I ended up at Chianti Classico ... It was wonderful. Had assorted cured meats with pickled vegetables for entree and then chicken livers cooked with sage and onions and served with grilled polenta for mains. Excellent meal and we had a great bottle of Grenache from Argiolas.

        The staff were very accommodating (given they were booked out) and delightful!