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Mar 26, 2011 11:13 PM

Need a Harrisburg rec

Hi all... in the process of planning a road trip to Atlantic City that hopefully I will actually take! I will be spending the night in Breezewood after hitting the original Primanti Bros (missed it the last time I was in the area). Need a place for a late breakfast or lunch. My recon so far has turned up Kokomo's in downtown Harrisburg. Can I do better? I eat just about anything but uni and bell peppers. TIA!

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  1. Yes, you can do better. Kokomo's is a sport bar type of place. It has been a while since I ate there (there are several in the region) but it isn't anything to cross the street for.

    The Appalician Brewing Company is not far from downtown. Nice atmosphere, decent enough food. (burgers, homemade pizzas, creative sandwiches) ABC offers a great number of beers from their brewery.

    Right across the river is the Rock Bass and I know there is a brunch menu on Sundays, don't know about other days. There are nice views across the river, big comfy booths, attractive bar area.

    The Rock Bass has an extensive menu. Right next door are two casual places, Dockside Willy's and Duke's. I don't like the menus at either but based on the parking lots, both draw a crowd.

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      Thanks for the tip... I am definitely a beer aficionado, so a stop at ABC is in order to pick up some brews if nothing else. I'm planning on hitting Talk of the Town for a cheesesteak before completing the drive to AC, so I'm thinking breakfast is going to be more in order. Came across Carlisle Diner as a possibility. Any comments, or perhaps a good spot in Harrisburg for breakfast before I stop at ABC to buy some beer to take with me?

      Talk of the Town
      3020 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

      Carlisle Diner
      800 W High St, Carlisle, PA 17013

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        While ABC's beers are good, I think that Troegs' are better. Troegs has won several national awards. If you want food with your beer, ABC is the place to go, but if you just want to buy beer for takeout, I'd suggest Troegs. Also, Troegs opens an hour earlier than ABC (10:00 vs. 11:00). That may fit your travel schedule better.

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          Thanks, CM. Will check out Troeg's. I'm a pale ale guy and noticed that ABC has one. If Troeg's does too that will seal the deal.

    2. You could check out Dodge City, they just filmed an episode of Restaurant Impossible there.

      1. Mangia Qui. I had one of the best steaks there ever - a rib-eye in the style of a bistecca fiorentina.
        I still think about that one. They also have a tapas bar on the 2nd floor if Italian is not what you're looking for.

        Mangia Qui
        268 North St, Harrisburg, PA 17101

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          Oh, great suggestion!

          I forget about Mangia Qui. We are always in town on Saturdays and they aren't open for lunch Saturdays.