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Mar 26, 2011 10:10 PM

Mishi's Strudel in San Pedro

My dear Los Angeles ‘hounds, y’all really need to be talking up Mishi’s Strudel Bakery & Cafe more than this!

Last week we popped into Mishi's Strudel in San Pedro ( ) for breakfast. This cute tea room, bakery and cafe is a piece of old world Hungary plopped into downtown San Pedro.

After our initial requests were sold-out, we ended up with cherry strudel, $4.65, and lingonberry palacsinta (crepes), $5.95. Our waitress offered to split the orders in the kitchen for us to share without having to ask.

This was my first palacsinta since a long ago trip to Budapest and I was not disappointed. Buttery rich in flavor, meltingly tender and so thin. I’d wanted the plum filling but was more than happy with the burst of tartness in the lingonberry preserves.

The ultra-light and flaky pastry was thinner than paper and the definition of crispness. Our day for sour fruit, the filling of dark, tart cherries stewed with lemon juice and almond extract for our strudel also tickled the palate.

Back home now, I’m filled with remorse for not buying frozen strudel to-go.

Mishi's Strudel Bakery & Cafe
309 W 7th St, San Pedro, CA 90731

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Will try to check it out soon.

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    1. re: Nicole

      Please let us know how you like it. Taste the plum one for me.

      Mishi's had a break-in just a couple days before our visit. The family kept apologizing to us for their perceived lapses in service. None were noted from my side, they couldn't be warmer or more hospitable.

    2. Wonderful strudels! Having grown up with strudels, Mishi's does it right in old world fashion. I don't think anyone makes a strudel like this in SoCal nor do most even know what it is. It is worth the drive for a touch of Europe in San Pedro. I enjoy the mouth-watering apricot and apple strudels. The owner is also very nice and welcoming.

      1. This place is awesome... I love their savory strudels too!

        1. I live a few blocks away from here and frequent it almost every weekend. It's quite something to see when they break into operatic song.

          When in season, they have some killer dark cherry strudel.

          1. We went to Mishi's for breakfast yesterday and had a nice time. Apple walnut strudel was very good. Fresh fruit crepe (with strawberries and bananas) was good, but I think we would have been better off with a jam-filled crepe because this one was covered with whipped cream which made it a little soggy and concealed the crepe flavor. I think the jam-filled is also more traditional, although we ordered this one because it was highly recommended from the woman who worked there. We also got some sweets to go. Their version of alfajores (peruvian cookies) is very different from the peruvian style (as to be expected from a hungarian bakery), but were delicious! So buttery. Almond torte was very good. Chocolate torte and palmier were good but not special. The atmosphere is very quaint. The presence of games on some tables seems to encourage you to relax and stay awhile, but the absence of a bathroom encourages you to leave right away. (Lack of a bathroom is a big downside for pregnant ladies like me and will keep my from bringing friends/family with some medical issues.)

            All in all, this is a place I will definitely return to. But I wouldn't say that it is a "destination bakery"...meaning I will frequent it because I live in southbay, and would visit if I happened to be in the area, but I wouldn't travel from the westside just to go here.

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            1. re: Nicole

              Being Hungarian, first gen. Canadian, I will have to pay a visit. Since i live in nearby Torrance area it won't be a big deal to go for some coffee, check out the goodies and compare their bakery vs my homemade versions.

              1. re: Nicole

                Nicole, I thought that if a food establishment provides in-house seating for eating, they have to (legally) also provide a restroom. Even if they have only one (mainly for staff) they still have to allow their customers access. Am I wrong about this? Anyone know?