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Mar 26, 2011 09:49 PM

Alicia's tortilleria in Santa Fe

The corn tortillas from Alicia's in Santa Fe are by far my favorite corn tortillas in the world. They're the stuff of food daydreams.

I now live far, far away from Santa Fe, in Charleston SC. If anybody knows of any way to find an at least comparable tortilla, I'd love to hear it. They're almost worth a road trip themselves. A friend made some enchiladas verdes one night that were great, but then the next night we had them with Alicia's tortillas, and it was like a whole new dish. Magical.

So does anybody that's familiar with Alicia's know of a sort-of substitute?

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  1. I've just moved to Santa Fe and saw a piece in the paper about Alicia's, I look forward to trying them. But to answer your question, when I lived a couple of hours out of Seattle I used to make a trip in to buy corn tortillas once every few months, they freeze, defrost and reheat REALLY well. And a couple of hundred don't take up much freezer space. Have you asked Alicia's if they'll mail order? Or maybe your local Chows can recommend somewhere not too far from you to stock up.