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Mar 26, 2011 08:31 PM

Lai Chen (Taiwanese on Miramar)

Has anyone else tried this relatively new Taiwanese place on Miramar? A friend and I had dinner here this past week. The place was packed on a Thursday night with a mostly Chinese/Taiwanese clientele. We tried the stinky tofu, ba wan, three cup chicken, mi fen (stir-fried rice stick noodles), and a-cai (stir-fried vegetable). Of these dishes, the stinky tofu and three cup chicken were probably the highlights, though nothing knocked our socks off. The ba wan was overly sweet, and the mi-fen was bland. With few Taiwanese options in SD, though, we'd love to give it another try. Anyone have any favorite dishes here? My friend mentioned that they make their own Chinese sausages, so that might be worth a revisit.

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  1. I'd categorize Lai Chen as an average Taiwanese restaurant with a smaller than average menu. I'm not a particular fan of Taiwanese food and the only thing I wanted to try was the chicken roll, which was OK. Note that Taiwanese food is not one of the world's great cuisines, so once you get past the three cup chicken, pork belly bun, fried pork chops and Taiwanese sausage, there may not be much of interest for those of us who didn't grow up eating the food. Certainly not worth a drive down from Rowland Heights where restaurants like this are all over the place.