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Mar 26, 2011 07:32 PM

Attractive new Thai/Vietnamese restaurant in Chelsea

My SO and I had dinner tonight at Fusion Foods in Chelsea. Fusion has been a take out place for several years; three weeks ago they opened an upstairs dining room. The eating space is very attractive, with cocoa colored walls, bamboo mats on the walls, black tables--sleek, tasteful. It's quiet, with unobtrusive background music. We had fresh spring rolls with a spicy hoi sin dipping sauce; the rolls were crunchy, with fresh mint, thai basil and bean sprouts. My SO had pan seared salmon in cilantro grape soy over bed of lettuce with brown rice; the salmon was a very fresh piece of fish, nicely cooked,moist with a well balanced sauce. My dish was Coco Curry: butterfly shrimp over flat rice noodles, eggs sprouts topped with fresh mint & roasted peanuts; the waitress brought over some spicy nuoc mom which complemented the nicely spiced curry sauce; the shrimp were juicy and abundant and the serving was very generous. One appetizer and two entrees came to $43--very reasonable!

This first visit was very promising; Fusion Foods may be able to take its place in the upper tier of Asian food offerings in the area. It's definitely worth visiting!

Fusion Foods
11 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150

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  1. Do they have a liquor license? That would be a nice change of pace when we're on that side of the bridge.

    1. Just went today for lunch. This place is not to be missed! Shockingly well decorated given the expectation from the neighborhood immediately downstairs. Jazz pumping through the speakers. We started with the fried taro balls which came with a great nuoc cham. The balls were crispy and filled with ground pork.

      For entrees my DC had their Pho Ga which was quite flavorful, and had strips of sriracha and hoisin sauce across the top of the bowl. I had their vietnamese 5-spice marinated pork chop with salad and rice. I was floored by how tasty it was.

      I hope this place survives! Go check it out!

      1. Thanks for the tip, goodburps. We got takeout from Fusion Foods tonight for my mother's Day dinner and really enjoyed it. Everything was very fresh, bright flavors. Portions were not generally huge but we had more than enough for dinner. We tried:

        Tilapia spring rolls: more like what i think of as a summer roll, since it they were in a fresh rice wrapper (not fried). Two very large rolls per order, stuffed with lettuce, cucumber, mint, bean sprouts, etc. There were several strips of grilled (seared?) tilapia in each roll, so you got a bit of fish in most every bite.

        Crispy taro balls: This was the first time I've had them and I think they are just not my "thing." But the hubby loved them, they certainly were crispy, and a nice, manageable small size.

        Crispy Thai Basil chicken: yum! Not battered chicken, panko-breaded chicken. The "side scallion steamed rice" is an individual scoop of rice topped with chopped, seasoned scallions - very pretty and tasty (though I was too busy eating to pay attention to what the seasoning actually was, sorry...).

        Tom yum soup w/ chicken: the only disappointment. Something about the broth was off, a depth of flavor was missing - I got out my cookbooks to try and figure out what. The soup was plenty spicy, and the lemongrass was there. Maybe they didn't use roasted chili paste?

        Caramelized onion pineapple salmon: my favorite dish. Thinly sliced, lightly caramelized onions and pineapple (cut into pieces the size of tidbits, though it was not canned pineapple) with some zippy chilies piled on top of a salmon fillet. I did wish that the fillet was a bit larger, because the kids liked this one too and asked for more. It would had been plenty if I'd had it all to myself.

        Pad thai: was surprisingly spicy, because most of the versions I've had in Boston are not. Very tasty too; we ordered it with chicken, since the menu wants you to choose between chicken, shrimp, and tofu. Next time I'll ask if they will do a combination version.

        Thai Basil Restaurant
        132 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

        1. To the second poster, they are BYOB.

          1. Each time I go here I leave wondering why I don't make the trip more often. Wandered in for a late dinner last night and was again blown away by the freshness, heat (in a good way!) and overall flavor of the food. Had the sauteed coconut curry lemongrass tofu with a delectable side of the garlic greens and regretted recent, much-less-satisfying trips for American Chinese style in the area. This place is the real deal and also has the best Tom Yum Seafood soup I have had this side of Bangkok/Siem Reap!!