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Mar 26, 2011 06:38 PM

Best sandwich-chip combination

What is the sandwich-chip combo? For example....

My preferences:

-peanut butter sandwiches only + sour cream and onion chips
-hot dogs + bbq or plain lays (no fries)
-burger + NO chips (fries though)
-turkey sandwiches + salt & vinegar or plain
-meatball subs + nacho doritos

I guess I like certain things, but I am willing to explore. "Interchipwich relationships" (ha) G'head....

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  1. An Italian Beef Sandwich and an AMD Athlon II X4 635.

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    1. re: arktos

      This was awesome, just for the record.

    2. i thought i was the only one who did this! this was a staple during my childhood & we'd usually put plain chips or sour cream & onion ones on our turkey sandwiches. now i like cheddar or french sunchips on turkey sandwiches - i find those to be extra crunchy & not oily

      1. Growing up I was famous for my love of the potato chip. Herrs is always my first choice. I'm also known for eating Italian subs and people know I need to have chips with them. I had one place would smash up a bag and put them on the subs.
        Italian subs get plain or ripple chips
        Regular or Turkey Subs get BBQ

        Hot foods like Steaks (no cheese) or meatball get fries.

        Don't do pringles because while I love them its not a chip.

        1. Here is a recent thread on sandiwiches and chips...

          1. Peanut butter sandwich with most any regular potato chip inside. I ate them for YEARS! Not anymore, sadly. Too much fat!