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Mar 26, 2011 06:10 PM

Moving to Eagleville/KoP need direction to great chow

My husband and I are moving from Boston to Eagleville/King of Prussia and are in need of solid reccomendations for dining and food shopping. We like to try new things and aren't afraid of the hole in the wall either some of our favs up here and little places off the beaten path. Please give an explaination why or fav dish there too. Our taste buds thank you for all your help. If there is a previous post you can direct me too please do.

Brew Pub

Farm Stand/Farmers Market
Fish Monger

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  1. I'll touch on a few that are near and dear to my heart.....for shopping, without a doubt Wegmans. One is being built in KOP but in the meantime the Collegeville or Malvern locations are nearby. IMHO, they would be the place to go for many if not all of your shopping categories.

    Chinese - Han Dynasty - there are many a thread on this little gem. Locations in Exton and Royersford. Try the Dan Dan Noodles, or the Shrimp with dry hot peppers (might not be on the menu, but they'll make if for you)

    Deli - I'm partial to Michael's in KOP, their CBS is so yummy that I don't think I've ever ordered anything else...and there's a pickle bar with a few varieties to nosh on.

    BBQ - there's a mobile truck - Tex's that only operates on the weekends, usually is at one of 2 or 3 locations (Barto Pools in Phoenixville, at his house (I think) in Schwenksville, and at a car dealer in Limerick or Royersford. He has a website where he posts his locations.

    Hoagies - Sonny's Deli in Limerick - meats are top of the line, but the bread is what makes them stand out - real Sarcone's bread from Philly....excellent crust wtih sesame seeds. My favorite is the South Philly Italian.

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      IMHO, Han Dynasty in Exton has gone waaaaaay downhill since the other locations opened.

    2. As a very local Hound, I'll throw in the following:
      Diner: Collegeville Diner. Get there early on Sundays. Always packed. Excellent home baked everything.
      BBQ: Must try Phamous Phil's in Evansburg on Germantown Pike. I love Tex's but haven't seen him in years.
      Pizza: Olce in Cedars has great brick oven pizza, as does Parc Bistro in Skippack., PA
      Farm stand: the one on Smith Road off of Germantown Pike. Open between mid-June and Halloween. No name. No phone but always there. Also, Merrymead Farm on Rt. 363 in Worcester. Major local dairy with all milk and ice cream products, home baked goods, local jams and relishes and frozen local meat specialties.
      Japanese; Bon Jung in Collegeville, and (much criticism expected) for the grand buffet experience, Minado in East Norriton.
      Beer; Michael's Deli in K of P carries about 350 brands of beer from six continents. Locally, Austin's Beverage on Ridge Pike can supply most needs.
      Thai: Thai Orchid in Blue Bell.
      I'll be back when I think of more Should be evident when you get to K of P.

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      1. re: Chefpaulo

        Chedpaulos has good suggestions (except Minado, but he included disclaimer), especially that farm stand (love that place!) I'll add a few more for your consideration.

        Japanese -- Bluefin in Lafayette Hill. tough to get a seat, but always fresh & delicious.

        Deli/hoagies/italian -- Talluto's, Talluto's, Talluto's. Lived in Eagleville for 10 yrs & this is the place we miss most. Great hoagies. Incredible meatballs. Decent frozen pasta items, much better fresh pasta.

        Pizza -- we're fans of Charlies pizza on Germantown ave in east norriton

        Donuts -- Suzy Jo's in Norristown

        1. re: Chefpaulo

          Farm Stand - I am a huge fan of Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting

          FWIW Blue Finn is in Blue Bell not Lafayette Hill

          Beer - Capones in East Norriton is the best beer bar in the area. Their selection is incredible both in their bottle shop and the bar. Food is basic bar food.
          Brew pubs - Rock Botton in KoP is ok. Schwarzbier is good... IPA acceptible. Food mediocre.
          Phoenixville you have both Iron Hill and Sly Fox. Sly Fox has another outlet in Royersford. A bit further away in Exton Victory has a great pub in Exton in an old converted Pepperidge Farm factory. Good food.. fantastic beers. Further afield you have Iron Hill in North Wales.

          Grocery In addition to the Wegmans you also have Whole Paycheck I mean Foods in Plymouth Meeting.

          Andys Diner in Conshohocken is good.

          Chinese.. Han Dynasty in Royersford or Exton have some of the best Sichuan Food in the area. Margaret Kuo's in Wayne is good asian fusion.

          Shopping... King of Prussia Mall is one of the biggest malls in the United States. Lots of high end shops here. Bring your Platinum Amex.

          For steak and seafood, Creeds in King of Prussia is very good, and has a great wine cellar.

          Polish.. you have to go to Port Richmond in Philadelphia.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Creed's is good? I've always wondered, since I pass it every day on the way to work. It's in such an out of the way place, but if you think it's good, I'm game to try it.

            1. re: gardens4me

              I think good is a relative term....very standard steakhouse/seafood, nothing special IMHO.

            1. re: yummykimmy

              Tex does not keep up his FB page the way I wish he would...HOWEVER, his brisket is to DIE FOR so if you are in the mood, call him and he'll tell you where he will be that weekend.

              1. re: gardens4me

                He has 2 FB pages one unkept and one kept up. Next weekend I am hitting the farmers market and tex's if he's cookin.

          2. shopping as in favorite markets for quality foods and drink. I know my poor husband will be mourning the loss of his favorite beer store. he can mix and match singles for a 6 and they have loads of micro brews and imports. Bud and the like don't even enter the conversation. He will be learning all about buying by the 24 and going to the liquor store for his gin.

            Know about minado we have one here, I take sushi virgins there so they can try without guilt. I am going to miss my little local place. The owner is the sushi chef and his food is light and balanced and flavorul. His tempura is amazing yam, broccoli, onion are always cooked perfectly.

            We have whole foods here and yes I understand "wholw paycheck" :-)

            We are looking forward to tasting all the suggestions and please keep them coming! You guys rock and thank you.

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            1. re: iguanachef

              Wegman's actually has a pretty good selection of beers that you can mix and match....sure hw ill find some great new (and old) brews at the nearby Wegmans!!

              1. re: iguanachef

                same with Michael's Deli in KOP - he'll be fine - please assure him. Things are changing for the better, especially for the beer drinkers. And if you are a wine drinker, you can purchase wine by the glass at Wegmans in their 'food court'.

                1. re: iguanachef

                  Iguana-you can assure your husband he is moving to a location that loves its beers as much as Bostonians. We actually have a reputation of being a hotbed of microbrews of all types and, as others have noted, there are several in your new area (Iron Hill, Sly Fox, Victory ).

                  And he doesn't necessarily have to buy by the case (slowly, but surely, PA is moving into the late 19th century alcohol laws ;) I'm not familiar with KOP/Eagleville, but am in Eastern Montco which is not far away, and there are supermarkets and bars that offer quarts, six packs and mix-and-match six packs.

                  On a nice weekend, you can also take a drive to NJ or Delaware--2 states that are actually in the 21st century when it comes to alcohol (and DE has the added bonus of no sales tax). Both states have an abundance of superstores that sell wine, beer and liquor at lower prices and greater variety than you'll find in PA (Total Wine in NJ and DE are the best, IMHO).

                  Oh, and for gin, let me suggest he try Blue Coat. It is locally made in Philly and has received many accolades that note that its only drawback is that is only available in SE PA (Wine Enthusiast named it #1 in its top 10 list of American Spirits ). They also make a great rye vodka, Penn 1681.

                  1. re: iguanachef

                    If your husband is a beef aficionado you can point him to these websites to get up on the scene:

                    I haven't been in Boston in a little while but the last few times I was up there Philly bars were way ahead on micros/crafts, you don't need to go to a "beer bar" to find good stuff on tap. Maybe I went to the wrong places but it is part of the culture here. Most people here don't seem to care for Sam Adams very much, though.

                    1. re: iguanachef

                      Welcome...and we are so sorry about the liquor store situation here in PA. We all hate it! Probably the only thing I can agree with Governor Corbett about is the idea of getting rid of the state stores...they are ridiculous. But that's another whole thread!

                      1. re: iguanachef

                        Beer you say? Your hubby will love you if you let him take an excursion every so often to Shangy's in Emmaus, PA.

                        Bakeries- I am from NY and you can generally not get the same type of bakery here as you can there, so if Boston is the same you may be disappointed. Wegman's will fit the bill here though. (For cheese, too.)

                        Delis-Nothing great that I've found. Very so-so.

                        Seafood-not much happening locally as far as restaurants. Legal Seafood is here (King of Prussia in the mall), but you have been there I am sure, and it's a chain, albeit not like some others. Great place off 76 (the "Skoo-kill"), Blackfish in Conshohocken.

                        Let us all know when you decide to venture into Philadelphia. You'll have lots of hounds at your service!

                      2. not sure where the closest one is to kop eagleville, but produce junction is awesome. norristown might have one, exton has a big one if you are down that way.

                        west chester isn't too far if you don't want the hassle of driving into philly and has very nice restaurants, many with outdoor seating in the summer.

                        if you want to go for a bit of a drive, i can't say enough about the awesomeness of total wine and more just over the border in DE.

                        and no king of prussia dining experience would be complete without "the hut luncheonette". have some scrapple.

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                        1. re: j8715

                          nooooooooo scrapple. I KNOW what that is. hahahahahaha

                          1. re: iguanachef

                            Iguanachef, Unlike other more popular offal based foods, scrapple has more corn meal/mush as a component thus much less of what you suggest you KNOW is in it. I like sausages of most all types with the exception of blood sausage. The contents of sausages, many types, one might find quite a bit more offensive than that in scrapple. Right, a matter of taste. As you might see on food/travel shows many countries use more of a slaughtered animal then we do and they do so with great vigor! Understand your comment was informative and done in good humor. Just wanted to offer some support to a Philly favorite!

                              1. re: Bacchus101

                                I went to college in center city many moons ago. Had scrapple then and was not fond of the flavor or texture. As far as the dog meats corn meal plus seasoning. I understand it's a regional thing. Growing up in pittsburgh I have a fond affection for fried noodles and cabbage and chipped ham bbq. In New England New England clam chowder is different from Rhode island clam chowder. Yes my reply was tounge and cheek...but my crinkled nose at scrapple is not going anywhere fast,

                                Now kielbassa and the like have a different effect on me. texture and taste my friend. But please enjoy a piece of scrapple on my behalf and chuckle at how I am missing out. I am all good on this end aand your support is noted. :-)

                                1. re: Bacchus101

                                  Agree! It's a Philly thing..and as a friend of mine once said about a stand at RTM, she liked that best because it had more 'snout' in it!! Then of course, there is the discussion about whether it should be thin and crispy or thick and not crispy.

                              2. re: j8715

                                There's a Produce Junction in Phoenixville. On Bridge St., down around the curve toward Mont Clare. The parking, as in every Produce Junction, is abysmal. I don't usually buy anything in the PDs except flowers. A lot of people are split on the virtues of Produce Junction, they love it or hate it.

                                1. re: j8715

                                  Yes yes yes...The Hut is an out-of-the-way place that is wonderful! And I agree about the to Delaware. You could have a fabulous brunch at the Green Room at the Hotel Dupont (great oldfashioned type of place with 50 foot ceilings) in downtown Wilmington. Load up on the way BEFORE brunch so you don't have some State Trooper from PA tailing you for taxes (lost revenue in PA) and leave with those cartons in the trunk!! LOL! Saying this makes me realize once again, just how sad a situation it is here in PA!

                                  Green Room
                                  11th Market Sts, Wilmington, DE 19801

                                  1. re: gardens4me

                                    Really - do the State Troopers truly waste time doing that?

                                    We get mailings from Total Wine and were thinking of going for wine we can't find here - but really don't need to be "hassled by the man." Have to admit when I saw the prices in their mailer, I was shocked by the difference... Some wines/spirits are a difference of $7 or more! NOW I understand why there is so much support to sell the State Stores.

                                    But yes... that is a discussion for a different board.

                                    1. re: dbaldwin107

                                      I haven't ever known anyone -- or even heard of anyone -- who's been stopped by the PA State Police because they'd purchased booze in DE and transported over the state line. I buy my wine and liquor in DE all the time -- sometimes at Total Wine, but much more often at Moore Bros. in Wilmington. I HATE shopping in the PA state stores.

                                      1. re: CindyJ

                                        The only person I've ever heard of being pulled over for it was Georges Perrier. I think they mainly want to discourage businesses like restaurants buying in bulk out of the state.

                                        1. re: Buckethead

                                          OK, that makes sense... Thanks much for the info! Just wish PA would get their act together and make it easier and cheaper to get great wines in state.

                                2. Beer: Your husband has to check out Capone's on Germantown Avenue for beer He will want to go and meet Matt Capone...the beer guru. He can give Matt his email and will get weekly updates as to what is on tap (30 taps) and what is new in the bottle store.

                                  BBQ: I like Phamous Phil's in Evansburg too. Lansdale has two good one's as well....Sweet Daddy's and Uncle Greg's (do a search...some good threads on each)

                                  Deli: Two places I get sandwiches in Jeffersonville...Pudge's and Primos.

                                  Pizza: Chalie's on Germantown Avenue in East Norriton

                                  Butcher: In Plymouth Meeting on Germantown Avenue is Carl Venzia Meats ( good meat and nice group of people. I no longer buy any hamberger or other meats at the store...only get it now from Venzia's.

                                  Doughnuts: I loved Suzy Jo's in Jeffersonville (in the small strip nex to Subway), but it closed a few months ago...and to my knowlege did not open elsewhere (please correct me if I am wrong!


                                  Farmstand/Produce: I frequent the one ChefPaulo noted, also Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting (I now have to buy what I can no longer grow).

                                  I would also recommend Talutto's...pretty good pasta dishes to go and good salads (

                                  Polish: Got to go to the Port Richmond section of Philly to get good kielbasa and perogies.

                                  Seafood: Good crab cakes sold at Capt'n Chucky's in Blue Bell (

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                                  1. re: Adenn1

                                    A suzy-jo opened in blue bell right across from kohls

                                    1. re: ilovesummer

                                      my husband says YUM! grew up on non-chain dounuts.

                                      1. re: iguanachef

                                        Kimberton Fire Company makes 'em fresh once a month. can also get them at the Kimberton Fair in the summer. They do freeze well. After eating at least 3 on the way home, I force myself to freeze the rest, singly, and then defrost in the over.


                                      2. re: ilovesummer

                                        Wow how did I just find out about a new donut place! This requires my immediate attention! I'm very happy with Yum Yum donuts (a chain of two I think) but this new option must be explored. Too bad about the scrapple iguana, my friend John has a lot of aversions, for example he always says no in august when I want to buy fresh corn and husk and cook it, and he doesn't like whole turkeys or chickens, but that boy loves him some scrapple with apple butter! And last time we hit Ray's Diner near bluebell he ordered and inhaled a scrapple omlette.
                                        Smoke Daddy's is worth the drive to Lansdale. Just polished off a bbq chicken slider with a heap of his secret recipe bbq sauce. Alas my fridge is now lonely for leftover Smoke Daddy's but in April Daddy will open from Wednesday to Saturday and go back to his summer menu. i should start training for the 2nd Not-So-Annual Monsters of Pork Rib Eating Contest for Sunday, June 26, the day after the Lansdale Beer Fest. If I can get my act together by then you folks are all So going down!!!!!!!

                                        1. re: givemecarbs

                                          carbs you will love Suzys. My office has them every friday and they are to die for..

                                      3. re: Adenn1

                                        Kielbasa..I've heard Wasko's in Phoenixville may have it. I'll check and report back. I do see that Kolb's Farm Store off Route 23 has it now (believe this is Spring City). I'm going to stop over there this week and will report back.