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Mar 26, 2011 06:01 PM

Matza Lasagna

Can you please share your vegetarian matza lasagna recipe (this is directed to QueensCook, who mentioned it on this board, or anyone else for that matter who has a good one...) Thanks.

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  1. There's a recipe?

    Spread some sauce on the bottom of a lasagna pan, layer in matza, then we usually add a layer of spinach leaves and mushroom slices, spread cottage cheese on top of that and then add cheese on top of that layer (mozzarella, smoked gouda, muenster - whatever). Then repeat 1 to 2 more times. It will collapse while cooking so don't worry if it's a little higher than your pan. Finish with sauce and shredded cheese on top.

    Bake 35-45 minutes at about 350.

    1. Take your favorite regular lasagna recipe and replace the noodles with matza soaked in water.

      1. Here's my version (and thanks for asking):

        6 matzahs (I use whole wheat)
        2 containers cottage cheese (I use fat-free)
        1 bag mozzarella cheese (I use low-fat)
        1 bag cheddar cheese (I use low-fat)
        2 jars pasta sauce (I use Spicy Marinara and Pizza sauce)
        pizza seasoning (or a mixture of Italian-type spices: oregano, basil, garlic, onion powder, etc.)

        Soak 2 matzahs in hot water, and place on the bottom of a large aluminum pan. Cover with one third of the combined jars of pasta sauce. Dollop out and spread one of the containers of cottage cheese over the sauce. Sprinkle one third of the combined cheeses over that. Sprinkle with pizza seasoning. Layer 2 more soaked matzahs, cover with another third of the pasta sauce, the second container of cottage cheese, another third of the cheeses, and more pizza seasoning. Layer the final 2 soaked matzahs, cover with the remaining sauce and cheese, and more pizza seasoning.

        I can't remember how hot I make the oven; probably 375-400 or so. Bake for a while, 'til the cheese on the top is nice and browned.

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        1. I soak my matzah boards in beaten egg before layering with sauce and cheese. I find the egg makes the matzah a little more noodle-esque.

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            I love that word, noodle-esque! (But where does matzah brei end and lasagna begin?)
            I egg mine also when I remember and when I have any eggs left...

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              I also used to coat my hot water softened matzoh boards with beaten egg. Then I experimented with mixing the beaten egg into the cottage cheese, instead. I then proceed with the layering process similar to that described by queenscook. I find that the taste is the same, but the preparation is a little quicker this way.
              I make mine in 2 - 8 x 8 inch pans, rather than in 1- 9 x 13 pan. I use meunster cheese slices, and some parmesan cheese, and Rokeach pareve tomato-mushroom sauce sprinkled with some oregano, or mixed Italian seasoning.
              I actually use this recipe year round with low fat ricotta instead of the cottage cheese. I find that the matzoh lasagna is less heavy and filling than one made with lasagna noodles. Those guests that aren't aware of it, have no idea that I've substituted matzoh for lasagna noodles.

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                We're not big on milchigs, but for Shavous we usually have at least one milchig meal. I have made the matzah lasagna for that meal, and no one has complained yet! And I don't even know if anyone notices, though we usually mention it, often to much surprise.