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Mar 26, 2011 05:14 PM

In Praise of Wally's Cheesebox

after being without for several months, do to a job change, I stopped by Wally's Cheesebox for one of their phenomenal sandwiches.

They are as fantastic as ever. For my money, Wally's is one of the top three sandwich joints in Los Angeles. Their Fresh Mozzerella Sandwich (a caprese variant) is chewy, fresh and delicious, toothsome and hearty enough to match the strength of the ingredients, which are spectacular, the mind-numbingly good pesto combined with the uber fresh and soft mozzerella is just spectacular. My favorite two sandwiches are Langers Pastrami and Bay Cities Godmother, but Wally's is definitely number three. And considering I eat there ten times more often than I ever get to Langers, I really should consider them number two. :)

I can never decide if the Fresh Mozzerella is my favorite or if the equally great Wally's Hero is better.

And I must praise the Prosciutto sandwich, I shied away from trying this sandwich for months because other prosciutto sandwichs I'd had were just not that good, they always got strings caught in my teeth, were tough to bite through, often with hunks of prosciutto being pulled out of the sandwich rather than biting cleanly through. Wally's doesn't do that, it's as easy to eat as the hero, and damn dasty too.

If you're going to be eating right away, the grilled sandwiches are pretty damn good, The Grilled Truffle Cheese is my favorite of these, but the Grilled Ham and Cheese is quite delicious as well.

Every sandwich I've had has been outstanding. But I should also point out that the cheese, chocolate, and speciality foods parts of the cheesebox are also brilliantly curated. The mongers are knowledgable, attentive and very helpful. It's such a warm pleasure, always, to step in there and put an order, I can never quite restrain myself from buying far more than I intended, but there is just so much excellence going around in such a tiny space. It absolutely is a Westside must, a hidden little gem that deserves wider praise for the excellence of its offerings.

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  1. Place Link

    Wally's Wine & Spirits
    2107 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

    1. While I wouldn't go so far to do a standalone psot on it - I had the Proscuitto sandwich this week and it was very good. Buttered Bread was chewy and nice and the cheese worked well - Proscuitto was tasty and stringy free but they were a bit chincy on the meat. I would go back though

      1. I agree that Wally's Cheesebox deserves praise. In addition to serving good sandwiches, they have an excellent gourmet store. Their cheese selection is modest but the quality is high. They have a large selection of Amano, Amadei, and Michel Cluizel chocolates. The random novelty foods tend to impress as well. For example, the roasted Miller Farms walnuts are delicious, as is the apricot almond panforte. The staff are great.

        Combined with Wally's for wine, spirits, and beers, this is one of my favorite foodie spots.

        1. I had their cheeses many times at wine tastings and always excellent. Plus, a lot less of a hassle than the Beverly Hill Cheese Store. Easy parking and although I haven't been in a while, I don't think it's the kind of mad mob scene that you get at the Beverly Hills Cheese Store on Saturdays.