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Mar 26, 2011 04:32 PM

Food Truck Gathering-3rd Friday of every month

SW corner of Hancock at Washington (about one block West of the I-5 at Washington). This has been going on for a while, but I never read about it here. One of my clients told me about it today. Video shows 13 trucks-last Friday (March18).

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  1. Wow -- that's cool -- thanks for the tip, Cathy!

    Was that a patty melt truck I spied there???

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    1. re: bizzwriter

      "Was that a tofu patty melt truck I spied there???"

      Fixed it for ya, BeachChic

      (that's beach sheik)

      1. re: Fake Name

        Holy Crap Batman...that was a Patty Melt food truck I spied too..
        Good eye bizz and Fakey!
        Tofu patty melt..hee hee
        Sheika Chicka is very happy..
        ; )

    2. karaethon has actually written about this gathering before:

      hope he doesn't mind me reposting his review.

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      1. re: shouzen

        Awesome!!! Time to get my San Diego food truck on. I've been waiting for this moment for a while. It's so hard to try them all and follow them on twitter. But alas, they unite and come together for all of us. Thanks for the heads up!


      2. This event gets very packed and parking gets very limited. That being said, good times. Miho keeps rocking the house there.

          1. re: Cathy

            '$2 – Event Access to Food Truck Gathering'
            Why would anyone pay money to go to a food truck gathering?
            Isn't my $$ enough when I buy their food?

            1. re: Beach Chick

              I started this thread 3 weeks ago because I had just heard about this monthly event and nobody else on CH had mentioned it.

              These details are new to me and I am sharing.

              {It is being held on a parking lot on private property and there probably are liability issues and expenses, just like Swap Meets and other gatherings of vendors. }

              1. re: Cathy

                Actually they tried to charge each truck $500 to get admission to the event first, but they all refused. It seems the margins for most of the trucks per customer is relatively low so if they had to pay $500, they'd have to essentially serve at least (say 200 customers) before turning any profit.

                I would say boycott the event this month and see if they remove the entrance fee. Nobody goes to 57 degrees anyway, so they should just be happy that they have increased business for hosting the event; no reason to get greedy.

                BTW - the wine selection at the place when I went was terrible and the average price per glass of wine was $12.

                1. re: karaethon

                  Ah it's $2 to stand in the parking lot and $5 to get access to the wine bar where you can sit down. Even more of a ripoff.

                  1. re: karaethon

                    My friend was annoyed that she couldn't get a glass of wine for less than $11. After we sat and ate, I got up to use the restroom and there was a separate little bar set up in the back of the room with $5/glass wines- but we had no way of knowing it was there, and nobody bothered to mention it to us.

                    There is no place to sit outside, so if you want to sit while you eat you *have* to pay the extra $3 to get inside. They had some long folding tables and chairs set up along the South wall inside, which were dirty when we got to them (it was only about 30 minutes into the event), but there was additional seating outside in front of the wine bar (only accessible from inside, though, so you'd still have to pay the money to use it)

                    The food I had from 3 different trucks was poorly executed- One dish was barely lukewarm (might have been good had it been hot!), one was just awful (they were obviously having issues with the cooking oil temperature, but instead of just not serving the item until it would be fixed, they tried to "make do") and one was mediocre. I got the feeling the food truck people just weren't prepared.

                    I was pretty excited about the event, but after experiencing it once, I won't be back. I kept thinking I would have been better off just hitting up MIHO at the Whistle stop :)

                    1. re: Jenkay

                      My experience with food truck "events" (and I'd say I'm experienced since I've been to 5 of them) is that they usually get hit by the rush and they are not equipped to handle doing so many orders at once. I wouldn't hold it against any particular truck if you had a bad experience during an event.

                      On the other hand, there are trucks that are capable of handling the rush and still delivering good food. These are the trucks that usually have people who have worked in the restaurant industry working them, and generally tend to be the better trucks.

                      In general these food trucks going to an event should think about serving a separate "event" menu where they split the regular sized portion into 3-4 tasting portions and charge 1/2-1/3 the regular price. This eases the load on their kitchens somewhat and allows the diners a chance to taste more things at more different trucks. The truck probably ends up making even more money because if they sell out of food, they were selling at about 20-30% over the normal price.

                      As for how bad any event is, I would hold the organizer(s) responsible directly (especially if you have to pay to get in)

                      1. re: karaethon

                        Of course you're right. I'll withhold judgment on the trucks themselves until I have a chance to try them in a less busy/stressful setting. I wholeheartedly agree on the tasting portions, though- I would have tried more things from different trucks and likely have found something to my liking if they had done it that way.

                        As for the way the event was run, like I said, I won't be going to another one at that venue.

            2. So now they want me to pay to get in to to buy wine and buy food? Good luck with that! If I want a crappy overpriced club scene I will go to Stingaree

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              1. re: MrKrispy

                2 bucks is annoying, but not that bad is it?

                1. re: chezwhitey

                  Besides the $7 is to rent the space for the event and it allows people to walk around with wine or beer in their hand so it's not that bad.

                  1. re: oerdin

                    No, they don't allow you to leave the wine bar with alcohol.

                  2. re: chezwhitey

                    $2 or $7 to just have access to food is bad. And yes, there is some decent/good food at food trucks but at the same time it's nothing outstanding especially considering that you have to stand around to just eat.

                    1. re: honkman

                      For what it's worth, it is $2 or $5 (not $2 or $7), with the extra $3 getting you into 57 degress. I would agree that $2 wouldn't be bad if 57 degrees provided benchs, trash cans and other amenities to make their parking lot at least a little more of a user friendly and inviting place for a gathering. I assume most people paid the extra $3 just to have a place to sit. As it is, I can't see going back but would certainly encourage the food truck community to continue with the gatherings. Perhaps there is a new thread idea in nominating where people would like to see future gatherings.

                      1. re: TXGSD

                        I heard that this time the 57 degrees owner actually made the trucks pay to get into the event instead of just threatening it. I'm curious to see what trucks actually show up to the next one