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Mar 26, 2011 04:18 PM

Paris 7 Arond. - Rue de la Comete

I will be staying on this street for several days in late May. I know it is near Eiffel Tower. Any food suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

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  1. There are well over 20 restaurants within an easy walk of that street, and most have favorable reviews here and on on other boards. Kindly be specific re your preferences and budget.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      We like to try new things and are not looking for high end, dress up sorts of places. But somewhere to get lunch or a nice dinner. Would like to be able to walk from the apartment. I suppose $30 to $40 per person for dinner. I'm not sure how prices will be in Paris.

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        Here are are few restaurants with their prix-fixe lunch prices. Dinner will cost more, as will ordering off the Carte: L'Ami Jean (33), Fontaine de Mars (23), Pasco (16), Auberge Bressane (15), Affriole (24), Bristrot du 7EME (20), Au Petit Tonneau (20), Chez les Anges (25), Le Bouchon Lyonnais (23). This is the "sweet spot" of Paris, IMO. Lots of quality bistros compete for the upper middle-class population in this part of the 7th.

      2. You will love that neighborhood! We stayed on rue de la Comete on our first visit to Paris and had a blast. On rue St Dominque and slightly west on the south side of the street is a bakery that has wonderful baguettes for your morning meal. And, there is a Starbucks a little further west. The market on Rue Cler has nearly everything you'll need. And, on rue Malar is Chez le Ami Jean. And, for an inexpensive treat, I urge you to walk on over past le Tour Eiffel and eat at Au Dernier Metro.

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          Please, there are a tons of nice cafés in the area... I have nothing against Starbucks (and their world domination), but I'm sure you'll get decent coffee and a more "authentic" parisian experience if you go get a cup of joe in a parisian café.

          1. re: Rio Yeti

            Rio Yeti is absolutely correct. And, I love to sit on some street corner and nurse a 5Eu espresso for a half hour or so of people watching...even in the cold and rain... Nonetheless, and without opening the coffee can of worms , in our experience, every morning... it's good to know where you can get a decent cup of steaming hot, full flavored coffee.
            LGD, my wife reminds me that the little store at the south end of rue de la Comete and the one around the corner are great for staples.

        2. We had a wonderful dinner at Au Bon Accueil last year and are returning in May! I understand they have a very reasonably priced lunch.

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            My favorite in that area is:

            Le Petit Troquet
            28, rue de l'ExpositionParis, France 75007

            This is a smaller, family-owned jem.
            Mme Dominique is out front while her husband cooks.