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Mar 26, 2011 02:30 PM

St Lawrence Market - Butchers

Hi All,

I've never bought meat at SLM. Would you please be kind enough to recommend your preferences? (red meat and chicken in particular; we have been quite happy with Dominic's for fish)

Many thanks,

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  1. I quite like La Boucherie and Whitehouse Meats in the South Market. I have also had good luck with Di Liso’s for their sausage. I prefer Mikes for Seafood.

    If you go on Saturday I strongly recommend Clement Poultry in the North Market. They really have (for me) some of the best roasting chickens in town! Best Baa is also good for lamb (North Market as well)

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      I was surprised when I visited Clement's farm, and saw a poultry barn with no outdoor exposure. If I recall, no windows either. These are costly birds, a bill of goods, and maybe no better than Maple Leaf.

    2. La Boucherie for everything except sausage. Sausage from Town & Country in the SLFM. I get great bang for the buck from these vendors. Not so much from the others. Agreed on Domenic's. Terrific product and good value. Especially like it when the Mrs is cutting, but under her guidance even a new person can get it right. She's a dandy and a very nice lady who gives good advice.

      1. La Boucherie, hands down, for several years now. The friendliness of the service varies but the quality of the meat is always great. They are very popular so the turnover of the product seems very fast. I had less positive experiences at some of the other meat vendors in the SLM a few years ago.