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Mar 26, 2011 02:04 PM

Grimaldi's in New Paltz

Terrific pizza...thin crust, fresh mozz., Excellent salads...great addition to NP

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  1. I agree! We have enjoyed our several visits to the New Paltz Grimadi's. The pizza ingredients are ultra fresh and tasty. We have also found the staff to be
    very friendly. Last time we were there, the pizza chef invited us behind the counter to see up close how the coal fired brick oven worked.
    Our only suggestion for improvement would be to expand the beer selection a bit.

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    1. re: itsmagic

      We stopped there last night on our way back north. When I saw the sign, it didn't even occur to me the possible link to the Brooklyn Grimaldi's, which we discovered quickly upon entering (cute t-shirts). This may be heretical to my pizza-loving friends in NYC, but I enjoyed this one better than the flagship. No long lines, no noisy atmosphere, no get 'em in/get 'em out attitude, etc. Pretty decent. As long as they had Moretti/Perroni, I was happy, but a few more choices for beer would be nice.

      Grimaldi's Restaurant
      418 Bleecker St, Utica, NY 13501

      1. re: markabauman

        Sorry to report that the restaurant has closed. FYI, they had lost their liquor license a few months ago (for serving minors).
        I had felt that this was one of the better pizza restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

        1. re: jayjay

          Sorry to hear that they closed, though there's not much tolerance for serving minors, although I see it where I live with selective enforcement.
          So what would be a second choice for pizza if stopping in the mid-Hudson valley?