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Mar 26, 2011 12:57 PM

List of leaves/flowers for dessert garnishes?

Hi there,

can someone list out the leaves and flowers that people use to garnish desserts ? for example mint, etc.. and also Where do you buy them? I couldn't find them at the grocery store.


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  1. I wouldn't buy them at a flower store because you don't know what's been sprayed on them. Any food you can eat you can use to garnish. Mint, basil, lemon verbena, pansies, violets, grape leaves, marigold, lilac. Stay away from any bulb plant -- tulip, daffodil, etc. Stay far away from foxglove and other poisonous plants. Ferns are nice. You can candy flowers as well for later use.

    1. I'm always looking for nice edible flowers to add to deserts, but I have only found very limited options. Chez Louis in the Jean Talon Market has edible flowers, but i've never been too impressed with their selection. I've also seen food grade orchids at Loblaws in the fruit & veg section a couple of times. Fresh mint is usually fairly easy to find in regular grocery stoes.
      And somerville is definitely right, never but any plants or flowers at a florist!

      This link may help you:

      Chez Louis
      150 Rue Saint-Georges, Drummondville, QC J2C4H1, CA

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          Asian grocery stores have mint, like Kim Phat.

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            Almost any grocery store has fresh mint, usually near the parsley.

        2. I had our wedding cake done by P√Ętisserie de Gascogne, and I wanted rose petals on it. They refused, explaining that roses grown for the flower trade are heavily sprayed with antifungals, pesticides, etc. This was a decade ago and I guess I could have sourced local, pesticide free roses instead, but it was too much trouble and our wedding was not exactly in rose season!

          I later saw a report on how roses are grown in South American greenhouses and I was horrified. So yeah, unless you grew those roses yourself, avoid that. Orchids will be suspect too (I grow orchids, and few growers can do pesticide free, because 'chids are just tasty morsels to so many bugs and diseases).

          In the end, we were very glad we went for pastillage flowers on our cake !

          1. where are you shopping that you can't find find herbs like:

            of course the green you use depends on the flavour of your dessert.

            how about:
            candied fruit
            shaved coconut
            leaves from a clementine
            kaffir lime leaf
            perilla leaf
            citrus peel
            pandan leaves
            banana leaf
            corn husk
            rhubarb leaves
            celery leaves

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            1. re: wano

              I think rhubarb leaves are unsafe, so I wouldn't recommend that!

            2. Nino's (next to Chez Louis) at Jean-Talon Market has eadible flowers.

              Jean-Talon Market
              7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

              Chez Louis
              150 Rue Saint-Georges, Drummondville, QC J2C4H1, CA