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Mar 26, 2011 12:52 PM

Bread and Chocolate Cafe, Newton

Just watched Bobby Flay in a Boston Cream Pie Throwdown with the owner and can't believe I haven't read anything about this place on CH or anywhere else for that matter. She was featured in the Globe in the build up to the viewing of the show but other than that I've heard not a word. Is it worth a visit?. Not sure her BCP would be to my liking, way too much pastry cream but that 's her signature. I wonder what else might be worth a try.

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  1. I went to the Bread and Chocolate Cafe in Newtonville 2 weeks ago. My cousin saw the boston cream pie throwdown that you also saw. They have the boston cream pie available as a cupcake or pie. The cupcakes are $5 each and an 8" pie is $45. We got 3 cup cakes to take home. The cupcakes were very fresh and I did like the pastry cream.

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    1. re: buffet king

      $5 each? Holy moly. How big are these cupcakes?

      1. re: kobuta

        The cupcakes are a bit pricey and on the small side, BUT tasty. The coconut lemon and the banana caramel (which for some reason they don't have regularly) are awesome!

        1. re: eiareis

          no cupcake is awesome enough to cost 5.00 nor any boston creme pie at 45.00.

        2. re: kobuta

          The cupcakes are not too big. I also agree that $45 is alot of money for an 8" boston cream pie.