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Mar 26, 2011 12:11 PM

Sage or L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon?

To go along my planning of my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, I would like to ask you all which is better and worthwhile - the signature menu at Sage or the Menu Club at L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon?

In regards to the L'Atelier, has anyone have a recent experience there? If so, do you mind sharing your thoughts/experiences?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Can only speak for the menu at Sage -- it was great. Shawn McClain does an excellent job overall, but any and all fish courses we had from the tasting menu (the hamachi was a true standout) were remarkable.

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    1. re: efine

      In my opinion, the two places aren't even in the same class. L'atelieris superior in every way as long as you order ala carte. My wife and I love to eat everywhere and can say that it is one of our favorite restaurants. Wife's favorite single dish ever was the scallop carpaccio with uni, lemon oil and chives. Go, enjoy, and order 10 to 12 dishes and.share. you won't be disappointed. Sage is good, but l,atelier is great. Keep in mind that the price a la cart will be almost double. Happy eating.

      1. re: nomnomyum

        They don't show the prices on the website, can you please tell me the average prices per dish if ordering a la carte?

        We want to try as many dishes as possible but we also want to try and stay at or under $200 for two not including drinks.

        1. re: lechonbaboy

          Looks like there are prices on the menus.

          $200 for food for two might be tough but do-able.

    2. Having recently dined at L'Atelier, I have a few thoughts:
      1) The food and service are both excellent.
      2) I was a bit disappointed thinking that by sitting at the counter you can watch the chefs cook. This may be true at a few of the seats, but for the most part, the counter is separated from the cooking area by a pretty wide aisle which is used by the servers...making it impossible to watch the cooking.
      3) The counter seating is a bit cramped and not that comfortable. It would be worth it if you could watch the cooking, but since for the most part you can't, it's really not worth it.
      4) L'Atelier is quite expensive, and for the cost of dinner here, even though the food is very good, I would prefer dining somewhere else where the seating is more comfortable.

      Having not been to Sage, I cannot comment on it.

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      1. re: josephnl

        Since posting above, I have been t Sage and enjoyed it. For all of the reasons posted by myself and sfine, I would go to Sage.

        1. re: josephnl

          what did you have at Sage?GF and I was thinking of getting the $79 signature tasting with both the wine and beer pairing. We both want to choose a different dish per course so we can sample as many dishes. This option made the $79 tasting more appealing than the $120 6-course tasting.

          1. re: lechonbaboy

            It's been several months since I went to Sage, and I honestly don't recall what I had. I will be returning there in about 3 weeks and will post re my experience.

            1. re: josephnl

              That would be much appreciated? Thank you

      2. While I've dined only at L'Atelier in NYC, Sage completely "blew L'Atelier out of the water". L'Atelier is very good, but very expensive (more than $200). The counter seating was fine, and I was even introduced to Chef Robuchon--he was very nice.

        Sage's cuisine/comfort/service in every way far surpassed L'Atelier. I had the 6 course tasting menu, and was able to change one of the dishes without any problem. All of the dishes were excellent (especially the famous foie gras brulee)!

        Even though L'Atelier is only 2 blocks from my office in NYC, I would sooner fly out to LV and dine at Sage--it was that terrific!

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        1. re: ellenost

          Those are some convincing points, I have chosen SAge over l'atelier for my upcoming Vegas culinary trip and your comments are making me feel a lot better about my decision. Price also came into factor as we are also dining at le cirque, twist, raku, and e by Jose for dinners. Sage will def be a good break on the wallet comparing to the others.

          1. re: lechonbaboy

            Have a wonderful time in LV. I do hope you post about your dinners. I've dined at Le Cirque, Twist and e; haven't been to Raku yet.

          2. re: ellenost

            Elle, I couldn't agree more(and I really like L'At). Last weekend we had 8 courses and, although I nearly ate myself ill, I found the food to be uniformly excellent and at a price point nearly 1/2 of what I'd have spent at L'At. Pairings ranged from good to outstanding as well.