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Mar 26, 2011 10:51 AM

Sun Street Breads

The embarrassment of riches in Kingfield continues. Sun Street opened this week at 46th and Nicollet.
I've been twice now- I never knew how much I missed biscuits until they turned up right down the street. The biscuits are fantastic. Anyone who went to the KF Farmers Market last year probably tried their bacon/scallion biscuit, which is incredible. But now they have the regular biscuit sandwiches. Today mine was sausage, cheese and mushroom (didn't feel like an egg). The sausage was delicious, as were sauteed mushrooms good with gooey, melted cheese. But the biscuit is the star. Fluffy on the inside with a nice crunchy outside texture. I worry about my waistline, seriously. I did manage to refrain from getting the Southern Fried biscuit, which has fried chicken, bacon and sausage gravy. But honestly, I'm not sure how long that will last.

They've done a great job of disguising the fact that it used to be a Snyders Drugs. The place is really bright and open. BUT, since they just opened, they're still trying to figure out the flow. One thing I love about my neighborhood is the absolute support places get- but it can make for some slow times with the big crowds. So go, just make sure you allow a little extra time at least for a week or two.

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  1. We went in for sandwiches last week-great bread, fresh carved meats, & a nice salad on the side, amazing cookies & caramel rolls. We came back the next day & I had the sausage & biscuits-SO good. And took home a loaf of the sourdough bread for dinner.

    Great addition to the neighborhood!

    1. Stopped in yesterday and got sandwiches/salads, cookies, and Figgy Rye. Super yummy!

      1. I would give them some time to work out the kinks. We went at 8 am today (a Sunday) and the customer service was a mess. There were supposed to be two lines, one for just pasty and coffee and one for breakfast-but they did little to nothing to enforce this. We wanted to try their breakfast biscuits, but got shoved into the "pastry" line and then they guy told us he would not serve us and that we should shove out way back into the other line (this might have been a good time for him to reinforce the "two line" concept by making an announcement; but he simply walked away) . That coupled with the fact that there was nowhere to sit (though a large 8-top was marked "reserved") convinced us to look elsewhere for breakfast. Also, there were possibly a total of four breakfast pastries to choose from-not especially enticing for a bakery. On another note, there was a child, probably 7 or 8 years old "playing baker" in the open production area without any hair restraint...some might think this was "cute" but in my hungry and frustrated state I would call it "unsanitary and dangerous." I understand that they are new and riding a wave of early publicity, but I seriously doubt they will get another chance from me.

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          I popped in here last week as well, and left without anything. I had read about a few of her offerings, like the Apple of My Eye Rye and a few others that I was interested in purchasing, but when I arrived, at 1 p.m. on a Thursday, there were four baguettes and two loaves of sourdough seemingly available.
          I did not see any of the breads listed on her website there upon the menu.
          I don't expect all the breads to be available all the time, but I did expect more than what was on offer. Perhaps a weekend would be better?

          1. re: parkermsp

            Look at what I previously posted...the weekend was worse. And here I thought I'd have more luck on a weekday...

        2. I must have missed the boat, because I was totally underwhelmed. Weekday around 10:30 - bread selection was next to none: baguettes and a wheat. The menu looked good, but, maybe it is just me, I thought it was expensive. I finally settled on the bacon scallion biscuit. It was just okay. My BF is from the south and makes them from scratch regularly, so low and behold, I think I have become a biscuit snob! I didn't finish it and tossed it.

          I agree, they did a great job with the former Blockbuster location. Very light and bright. Hate the parking there, though. I should bite the bullet and get one of their sandwiches, which did look appealing.