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Mar 26, 2011 09:17 AM

Dry Pinquito Beans - where can I find them?

Doing some BBQ tomorrow and am out of pinquitos - DRAT! I usually get them at the South Pas farmers market, but have never seen them elsewhere. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've bought them at the farmers market on Thursdays at the veterans center in Westwood. No help for tomorrow. I do have 1 1/2 bags that you are welcome to (3lbs), I'm in Sherman oaks.

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    1. re: trojans

      Hey, many thanks for the offer...I'm in South Pas, so a bit more of a hike than I can do at the moment. Worst case, we go with a substitute, but really like the pinquitos!

    2. Hi Ferdlap,

      Okay, this is really a long shot...

      Here in San Luis Obispo Ralph's carries them in bulk. However, since SLO is very close to where the beans are grown, it could be local sourcing.

      Might be worth a call to your local Ralph's.

      And here's a link to Susie Q's Brand store locator page.


      Good luck - gotta have those pinquitos!

      Edited to add: Smart & Final carries Suzie Q's here.


      1. For the Westside, the Mar Vista FM on Sundays has stand that sells dry beans, including pinquintos. I don't know if they carry all beans all the time though as it is one of the smaller stands

        1. I have found them in bulk at the Whole Foods Fairfax location and at a number of farmers markets. Bristol Farms used to carry them at their Manhattan Beach store...maybe they will have them at the Pasadena location. I have also seen them at a number of Hispanic markets over the years.

          1. I realize this wil be too late for today, but Ralphs carries them.