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Mar 26, 2011 09:06 AM

In-home cooking class / market tour in Lisbon?

I've been searching this board in particular, and the web at large, for recommendations for in-home cooking classes and market tours in Lisbon, and haven't yet found any mentions I could pursue. I will be accompanying my husband to a conference in Lisbon this May, and am looking to take a course/tour for at least one of the days he's occupied (May 8-11). (Probably the 10-11, since most markets are closed Sun/Mon) I've done this before in other cities. I've listed them below, and would strongly recommend all of them.

Ruth Roberts in Seville, Spain ~
Rosa Jackson in Nice, France ~
Jyoti in New Delhi, India ~

In the cases listed above, the lessons were one or two days, they involved walking tours of local markets, and detailed descriptions of the products we were encountering. (In India I also got a tour of a street food festival, with recommendations that enabled me to taste tons of things without getting sick.) In two of the cases I was an only student, in one case I was one of three. I am happy to share the class if possible to keep the cost down.

Ideally we'd take ingredients gathered at the local market back to the instructor's kitchen, have a lesson on preparing a quintessentially Portuguese meal, share it, and take home the recipes. In a perfect world, this would take up the better part of a day (or two), but leave me free for a late dinner/night out with my husband.

Does anyone know of anyone offering such a thing in Lisbon? Can anyone point me to someone who might have suggestions?

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  1. @JazmynsMom

    Were you able to find anything in Lisbon? I am taking a small group in the fall and was going to try to find the same thing for all of us... I would appreciate any recommendations.


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      I did find this:
      but it's significantly more expensive than what I've paid in other cities. My plan is to contact the concierge at the hotel I'm staying at to see if they have any recommendations, and if not, book this one.

      I've noticed that everything of this nature in Portugal seems to be geared to a "luxury" audience. All of the ones I've rejected out of hand included silly things like limo rides and such. I'm down-to-earth and would prefer a simple and informative walking tour of the markets, and prefer a well-equipped home kitchen to some impressive commercial show piece.

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        Thanks so much! It is a little pricey, isn't it? Let me know if you find someone when you go since I am a few months out. I am anxious to add this to the itinerary but won't if it jacks up the price too much. Your help is appreciated!

        I hope you enjoy your trip!

        1. re: lorimac

          It's too much. I receive some email about cooking lesson, mainly at saturdays and all the morning with lunch is about 80€ per person.
          I received from Panorama, Assinatura and Gemmeli (the last one is about italian food). you should also look for ACCP and Cozinhomania

          1. re: portsardines

            Thank you - I will check with them.

            1. re: lorimac

              Check out the site Perhaps they can help you.