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Mar 26, 2011 08:36 AM

Golden Star Jasmine Rice

Anybody else use Golden Star Prime Grade jasmine rice?
I bought a 25-pound bag of it last year, and it was wonderful.
It took us over a year to finish off the bag.

Just recently bought another 25-pound bag, but there's something wrong with this batch.
It still smells fantastic while cooking, but it always comes out gummy.
I've tried washing the rice multiple times before cooking to get out the excess surface starch (which, by the way, I usually didn't do with the batch from last year), I've tried different proportions of water added to the rice cooker, I've tried letting it cook for different lengths of time, but it still always comes out gummy. It only gets a little better if some is left over and eaten a day or two after the initial cooking.

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  1. Don't use the rice cooker, don't soak it either or do multiple dunkings. One time I did and I got glue.
    I use 2 to 1 or a little less, boil the water first, dump the rice in, and cover bring back to a boil, and turn the heat way down low or off, and use a lid. Resist to touch or stir it.

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    1. re: chef chicklet

      Thanks for responding, chef chicklet.
      Are your suggestions based specifically on your experience with this particular kind of rice, or just general suggestions?

      It's just very annoying that the last batch I had worked perfectly with the rice cooker and this current batch is so problematic.

      1. re: racer x

        You know I had to pull up a picture since I tranfer my rices to containers once opened. I have used many brands of jasmine rice I cook with it all the time since its my favorite. I don't remember which brand I tried to rinse etc., it was a disaster so I stick with my way.

        That is strange you're having problems with this batch, could it be the rice cooker is not holding temperature or what? Personally I used to cook long grain in the rice cooker, I wasn't happy with it, sometimes it was overcooked on the bottom so I quit using it.

        Sorry I couldn't help you more, maybe you should inquire for a refund if nothings changed on your end. Good Luck!