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Mar 26, 2011 08:32 AM

Breadcrumb first

Can any bread be used to make breadcrumbs? Do some work better than others? Any secrets or tricks I should know before I just throw bread in a processor?

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  1. I always think something like a baguette or ciabatta works best, but I'm not a huge white sandwich bread fan, and wouldn't really be interested in whole wheat crumbs, I have a feeling. I'm looking forward to reading the feedback you get.

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      Soft White Bread, like Wonder or Sunbeam is fine if you intend to use it as filler,......but if you want it for an outer coating for the crispy crunch factor, it is not recommended. Premium White Breads from Pepperidge Farms or Arnold Bakers make nice fresh bread crumbs for coating cutlets and crabcakes.

      Don't load the bowl and pulse cut or torn bread in smaller amounts as greygarious notes below.

      1. re: fourunder

        I find just the opposite. When I use crumbs from my husband homemade Italian bread they do not get very fine and tend to be irregular in shape....which is great for meatballs etc. But when I want a really crispy coating, like for thin chicken cutlets, I use storebought hamburger buns, processed into soft, fine crumbs. They're the outside layer after dusting of flour and a dip in beaten egg and make a perfect crunchy crust that does not absorb much oil.

        1. re: escondido123

          It's funny you should mention hamburger buns.......but first, let me say to avoid any confusion....Soft white bread is an option for filler, not the best, just an option if you choose to keep it for future recipes instead of feeding the birds. Personally, I do not use breadcrumbs for filler. I usually use day old bread soaked in milk, so sizes and shapes are not important.

          With regards to the burger buns......back in the beginning of February, or late January, a new ALDI supermarket opened about half hour away from me and I was curious about the store, so I made an excursion over there to see what the store was all about. One of the purchases I made was for some very inexpensive hamburger buns for .79 cents for a package of eight. Only five were consumed and somehow the last three were overlooked. When I noticed them a week later, they still appeared and felt soft and fresh. Instead of transferring them to the bread basket for old bread, I decided to leave them in the original plastic bag with the twist tie to conduct an experiment to see how long they would last before they turned with mold. Today, it's at least 44 days later and still no mold.......

          You can see the date on the bag is February 10.......

          1. re: fourunder

            So I guess I don't have to worry about my chicken breads getting moldy! My real feeling on it is that my hamburger bun crumbs are the "fresh" version of Panko which I also think can last a lifetime.

            1. re: fourunder

              Another "Dick Clark" supermarket bread is Martin's Whole Wheat Potato Bread. How widely available it is, I don't know. It is 100% whole wheat and has really basic, natural ingredients but is as soft as Wonder Bread. I have occasionally overbought it, and had it unopened (it's just in a plastic bag, no inner cellophane) at room temp for a couple of months. Still soft and mold-free. I don't understand, but I like the bread!

      2. Any bread will do. If it has cheese, vegetables, or fruit (e.g. roasted garlic, olives, raisins), you should keep the crumbs in the freezer. Slightly stale is best, or dried on a rack in a low oven.
        Tear into bite-sized pieces before processing, or you may not get even texture.