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Jellybean Flavors

Someone at my office brought in a giant Jelly Belly dispenser for everyone. He had mixed flavors in their and when i grabbed a few I got a delicious toasted marshmallow, a Margarita I didn't like, chocolate pudding which was pretty good, lemon which was way to strong and tasty mango. We're all going to take turns filling it up & I was wondering what Jelly Belly flavors everyone loves.....

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  1. Buttered popcorn, caramel corn, cinnamon, juicy pear, raspberry, pomegranate.

    1. I always found it fun to make the combos.

      Cinnamon Toast + Chocolate Pudding + Toasted Marshmallow = S'mores

      A&W Root Beer + French Vanilla = Root Beer Float

      2 lemon + 2 coconut = Lemon Meringue Pie

      Oh it looks like they have them here:

      1. Cinnamon, licorice, lemon, cream soda, root beer, grapefruit, cherry, dr pepper.

        1. Buttered popcorn, raspberry and lemon are my favourites.

          1. Green apple, red apple, and very cherry. It's funny, when I buy this combo (which is a lot, I have a serious jelly belly addiction), people think I'm using them to decorate for Christmas.

            1. 2 more votes for buttered popcorn and toasted marshmallow!

              1. I don't eat them, but I put them out for the office because others do. I haven't noticed which are the most popular but the ones that go slowest are the buttered popcorns.

                1. when i was a kid and we would go to hotel del coronado, we always picked up jelly beans (and rock candy if my mom was feeling nice about it) from the now defunct candy store. toasted marshallow, buttered popcorn, coconut (mom), cinnamon, caramel corn, licorice (mom)... selection was limited.

                  flavors i also like: red apple, juicy pear (paired with raspberry), cream soda, pink grapefruit, vanilla bean
                  flavors i do not like: licorice, lemon, lime, orange, bubble gum, tutti frutti, banana, margarita, cotton candy

                  i've never had any of these, but i'm certainly curious about a few of them:

                  1. The peach one is very nice.

                    1. I'm surprised to see so many votes for buttered popcorn! That one was not my cup of tea--but that's just me.
                      My absolute favorite is pink grapefruit. All the fruit ones are nice.