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Flip Side of Recent Breakfast Topic

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There was a lot of interest in the question about typical American breakfast foods that we don't like. How about "What do you serve for breakfast in your house that would be a surprise to other people?"

I'll kick off with:
Curried eggs over rice. I make a mild curry sauce (really just a Béchamel sauce made with Indian curry powder) and serve that over hard boiled eggs and rice. Top with sliced scallions and chutney. This dish was a big surprise for my husband when we first got married; now it's his all time favorite.

"Bacon and egg pasta." This is a simple version of Pasta alla carbonara. The bacon and egg part of the recipe was what suggested itself as a breakfast dish.

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  1. Breakfast pizza is my favorite twist breakfast dish. might seem kinda common around here but people who dont think about food very often are always surprised

    i parbake a potato and slice it on my mandolin, thats the base of everything. then normally use some salsa and crumble bacon and cheese around, and about halfway through baking crack a couple eggs over the top. people love it!